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Singapore Travel Guide


Singapore is a thriving metropolis, defying all the odds the small nation faced in the past. Singapore is a multiracial city, consisting of races and religion such as Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian. Hence, you can find almost any cuisine to satisfy your craving in this bustling city. The tropical climate in Singapore makes the country humid all year round, but the temperature is also perfect for any outdoor activity. In a city where people work and play hard, there are many events and festivals throughout the year, ranging from MICE, to arts, to concerts and cultural festivals.

Local Custom & Slang


  • Meaning: Refers to “reserve seats”, commonly used in hawker centres.

  • Example: Let’s go to the hawker centre before the lunch crowd so we can chope seats.


  • Meaning: Used to express great satisfaction, especially when eating.

  • Example: This chicken rice is so shiok!


  • Meaning: Malay word for eat, commonly used in Singlish.

  • Example: What do you want to makan for dinner?

Da Bao

  • Meaning: Chinese word for takeaway food.

  • Example: One chicken rice dabao please!


  • Meaning: Means traditional coffee shop, which can also be referred to as hawker centre.

  • Example: Can you help me to dabao food from kopitiam please?

Did you know?

  • Chewing gum is banned in Singapore.

  • Alcohol consumption in public after 10.30pm is also banned in Singapore.

Trip Essentials

  • Weather
  • Currency
  • Visa
  • Electricity
  • Singapore is a tropical city state and the weather tends to be hot and humid all year round. On hot days, the temperature can rise above 30°C.

  • Rainy months are usually December and early January.


By Train

  • Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transport System (MRT) is one of most convenient modes of transportation around the city. The extensive transport system provides the city state with great connectivity. Most key attractions in Singapore can be easily accessed via the MRT network, with train stations located within walking distance to the attraction.

  • Tickets are sold at all train stations and can be single or multiple trip tickets. Tourists passes are also available.

  • More information can be found at the Land Transport Authority Website.

By Taxi

  • Taxis are also readily available in Singapore, with most tourist attractions / shopping centres / hotels / buildings having taxi stands. Taxis in Singapore run on meters. Also available are private car operators such as Uber and Grab which one can also book via their respective apps.

  • Local Operator: SMRT Taxis / ComfortdelGro

  • Other Operators: Grab / GoJek

By Bus

  • Similar to the MRT system, the Singapore bus network is equally efficient with bus stops all around the city. One can purchase a single trip ticket on the bus or purchase the EZ Link card / Tourist Pass (which can be used for both the MRT and the bus service).
  • All buses in Singapore are air-conditioned. Travelling time is longer than the MRT but the journey does provide a scenic ride as compared to the underground MRT.

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