10 Things To Do In Ubud Bali That Are Worth The Experience


Published on 17 Dec 2018

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

10 Things To Do In Ubud Bali That Are Worth The Experience


Published on 17 Dec 2018

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

Not sure where to go in Ubud? We've compiled the 101 things to do in Ubud Bali to just 10, so that planning your Bali itinerary won't give you a headache.

Everybody wants a piece of Bali's most artistic district, where the reward is rice padi veranda views, organic cuisine, yoga for breakfast, and hippies for neighbours. We shortlist the places that make Ubud Ubud.

Breathtaking Rice Terraces

Ubud is well-known for the stunningly beautiful Tegallalang Rice Terraces, which are about 9km from town. Street stalls and restaurants line the edge of the roads that lie beside the terraces, allowing you to enjoy the view over a meal or a drink. You can take a scenic walk by starting at the end of Jalan Kajeng in Ubud. Walk through the Tegallalang Rice Terraces and you will reach Sari Organik.

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Cheeky Monkeys

This monkey forest in Ubud is one of Bali’s several grey, long-tailed macaque-inhabited forests and is better known amongst the rest of the forests on the island because of its location and ease of access. Lying on the fringes of Ubud’s main centre, the forest is taken care of by the Padangtegai village. Also known as the Sacred Monkey Forest of Padangtegai, or Mandala Wisata Wenara Wana, it is a site symbolic of spirituality and culture with temples deep within its grounds – it’s not just about monkey business!

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Address: Jalan Monkey Forest, Padangtegal, Ubud
Opening Hours: Mon to Sun, 8:00am to 6:00pm
Tel: +62 361 971 304

Chase the Tegenungan Waterfall

Take a pleasant road trip to the falls, located conveniently halfway between Ubud and Bali’s provincial capital of Denpasar. Follow a trail beyond rows of souvenir shops while enjoying a paranomic view of a green valley. The impressive volume of water is framed by a dense foliage at almost all times of the year.

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Religion you Can’t Miss

The prevailing religion in Ubud is different from the rest of Indonesia, which is predominantly Muslim. You may spot religious ceremonies and processions or people making sacred offerings throughout the day. They may be spotted on sidewalks, in cafes or on windowsills. More definitive religious landmarks would be Pura Desa Ubud, a magnificent temple, and Puri Saren Agung, the royal palace. If you are up for a 40-minute drive to the north of Ubud, you can visit Tirta Empul Temple, where ritual bathing pools are a highlight.

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The Artistic Capital

Museums and art galleries line the street of Jalan Raya in Ubud. The Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA) will be a great place to understand the artistic history of the region. You can also delve more into their culture at the Setia Darma Masks & Puppets House. To see artists at work, you need to go to just outside of Ubud. The Celuk Village houses gold and silversmiths and their works. To find woodwork, go to Mas, Jati and Kemenuh. Batubulan is known for stone carvings of gods and animals. Of late, Ubud has also been a popular home for art and writing workshops. Talent is in the Ubud air!

Yoga Haven

When faced with such tranquility, what do you do? Yoga, of course. There are dozens of yoga classes to do every day, from spiritual practices to fast-paced vinyasa and power flows. The best part is that the classes here are affordable. Some studios of worthy mention would be The Yoga Barn, Radiantly Alive and Ubud Yoga House.

Yoga Haven Article Photo Business Resized Source: The Yoga Barn

Cooking up a storm

Cooking classes are extremely popular in Ubud and that’s why you’d have countless to choose from. Many include trips to local farms and markets before settling you into their large kitchens to learn how to prepare their Balinese classics. Some popular schools are the Balinese Farm Cooking School, Lobong Cooking School and Paon Bali.

Have a Goa at Elephants

The Goa Gajah or ‘Elephant Cave’ is an archaeological site that has a significant historical value, making it a must-go while in Ubud. Located on the cool western edge of Bedulu Village, six kilometres out of central Ubud, you will descend into its relic-filled courtyard, a meditational cave, bathing pools and fountains.

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Swinging in the jungle

We are not talking about being a tarzan, but sitting calmly on a long swing with lush greenery as the backdrop. This place quickly made its name on Instagram as travellers visit Ubud just to get a shot (pun intended) at the swing. Don't worry, you won't be wearing an unsightly harness for the picture, but a tiny rope that will put your heart at ease while getting that photo.

Swinging in the jungle (Bali swing) Article Photo WR Resized Source: WorldRoamer®

The Campuhan Ridge Walk

There must be something therapeutic about walking amongst knee-high grass thrushes while soaking in the beauty of the surrounding greenery, and that’s why tons of people will tell you about their experience at the Campuhan Ridge Walk. A free and easy nature trek, this area provides a much-needed retreat from our hectic schedules.

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