11 Best Chiang Mai Hotels with Amazing View and Designs


Published on 04 Oct 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

11 Best Chiang Mai Hotels with Amazing View and Designs


Published on 04 Oct 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

Treehouse hotels, villas beside waterfalls—Chiang Mai has them all. Discover 11 best luxurious Chiang Mai hotels with amazing views and designs right here.

About 700km to the north of Bangkok is Chiang Mai, a gorgeous Northern Thailand region running deep in history about the ancient Lanna Kingdom. Its unique and cultural landmarks attract a lot of tourists, particularly seasoned travellers. Because of that, a lot of exciting Chiang Mai hotels are ready to accommodate you and enhance your experience here. However, do you know that out of all the best hotels in Chiang Mai, some of them are unique and well-kept secrets? If you’re planning to have a more exciting and unique trip in Chiang Mai, you’d better chope a room at those 11 unique Chiang Mai hotels, lah!

1. Lan Na Wild Glamping

Have you ever imagined a hotel designed like a tent and situated above the groun? Imagine no more, as it is true with this hotel just as many other amazing Chiang Mai hotels around. Situated among the trees, this tree house-inspired hotel offers luxurious and comforting rooms with the exterior design of a tent. Naturally, this gives you a very different sort of experience, topped with gorgeous sceneries you won’t find elsewhere.

Of course, other facilities are built above the ground as well. The exquisite restaurant offers both mouth-watering cuisine and unmatched natural scenery. Also, to compensate for the lack of a swimming pool, the hotel offers private Onsen/Jacuzzi tubs with equally mesmerising scenery.

Address: Huai Kaeo, Mae On District, Chiang Mai 50130
Distance from Chiang Mai Airport: About 60km or 1 hour 20 minute-drive
Room rate per night: S$104

2. The Grand Morocc Hotel

Do you wish to try out Moroccan culture but can’t afford to visit the country itself? If so, you’d better chope a room in this Moroccan-themed luxury hotel. Presenting itself with equal amounts of dramatics and grandeur, every nook and cranny of the architecture has the flair of Morocco. Of course, that includes the suites as well, each of them equipped with a kitchenette, lounge, and an overall gorgeous golden accent.

Other facilities are also available here; namely a massive outdoor pool, exquisite coffee house, and classic Moroccan cuisine at the restaurant.

Address: 596/2 Moo 1, Rim Tai Sub-District, Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai
Distance from Chiang Mai Airport: About 21km or 40 minute-drive
Room rate per night: S$96

3. Sukantara Cascade Resort & Spa

Most would attribute the presence and sounds of a waterfall as peaceful and calming, and this Chiang Mai hotel has you covered, offering luxurious rooms by untouched natural waterfalls. Of course, the Lanna Kingdom-inspired design also makes the whole area feel so shiok, simply marvellous.

To enhance the experience, the exquisite rooms boasts serene views where you can watch the waterfalls and their surroundings. Other facilities are also incorporated with the soothing waterfalls in mind, namely the outdoor pool and relaxing spa & wellness treatments. Because of the hotel's harmonious design of facilities and its natural surroundings, there are very few Chiang Mai hotels that can ever come close to that standard of experience.

Address: 12/2 M.8, T.Maeram, A.Maerim, Chiang Mai
Distance from Chiang Mai Airport: About 32km or 25-minute drive
Room rate per night: S$130

4. Giant Bamboo Hut

Now you know about the luxurious treehouse Chiang Mai hotel, but how about a bamboo hotel? Well, Giant Bamboo Hut offers you exactly that—an exclusive, compact hotel built from bamboo, surrounded by tranquil rice fields and forests. The rooms are fitted with modern amenities and exclusive comfort, despite both the interior and furniture being mainly constructed of bamboo.

Apart from that, the hotel also offers a more down-to-earth culinary experience. Not only can you makan a mouth-watering Northern Thai cuisine, but you also get to watch and learn how to make them. Then, the local waterfalls make the perfect place to relax, wash your feet, and a hammock.

Address: Inthanon National Park Chom Thong, Tambon Ban Luang, Amphoe Chom Thong, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50160
Distance from Chiang Mai Airport: About 87km or 1 hour 35 minutes drive
Room rate per night: S$61

5. Mountain Float

Out of all the quirky Chiang Mai hotels on this list, this one might actually take the cake. Mountain Float is situated exactly in the middle of Lake Mae Ngad Dam, with only 4 villas available to chope. You might ask; what would I get out of only 4 choices?

The answer is tons. For a start, you can swim in this clean and safe lake, an amazing location by itself. But if you don’t want to swim, you can always rent a kayak, large floating balloon, or a floating lounge! So shiok lah! Then, on the deck, there are inflatable kitchen, a karaoke machine, BBQ grill, and sunbathing seats.

Address: ภูเขาลอยน้ำ 115/, ชุมชนม่วงคำ 2 ซอย 1 Ban Pao, Mae Taeng District, Chiang Mai 50150
Distance from Chiang Mai Airport: About 57km or 1 hour 15 minutes drive
Room rate per night: $420

6. The River Flows Camp

Unlike the aforementioned Chiang Mai hotel by the waterfall, this one has all of its villas situated by the river, lor. Adding to the soothing nature ambience is a tropical jungle surrounding. To complement the vibe, every room has a mixture of both traditional wooden and modern designs to it, making it feel very exclusive.

The hotel also boasts many luxurious facilities: for starters, you can white-water rafting as much as you want on the river without charge or enjoy the scenery from the floating balcony. Each room comes fitted with a private pool and an expansive wooden patio stretching across the river like your own personal corner of nature, definitely a pricey option but worth every dollar.

Address: Unnamed Road, Kuet Chang, Mae Taeng District, Chiang Mai 50150
Distance from Chiang Mai Airport: About 63km or 1 hour 25 minutes’ drive
Room rate per night: S$240

7. Rabaeng Pasak Treehouse Resort

While being another above-the-trees Chiang Mai hotels, this one offers a very different presentation and ambience. Instead of being designed like a tent and clustered rooms, this resort offers a treehouse design where rooms are separated for utmost exclusivity. This design gives you total privacy and intimacy, a perfect escapade away from the main city.

Other than that, the hotel also offers a plethora of exciting activities to do. There are bikes available for use free of charge, useful for travelling to the local, waterfalls, rivers, and caves. Once you’re there, you can also swim and/or fish around the river or explore the mysterious caves. Right after these outdoor adventures, return to the hotel and go makan some amazing Northern Thai cuisine. So shiok, isn’t it?

Address: Tambon Luang Nuea, Amphoe Doi Saket, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50220
Distance from Chiang Mai Airport: Around 74km or 1 hour 30 minutes drive
Room rate per night: S$129

8. The Giant Chiangmai

Don’t get bored with above-the-trees Chiang Mai hotels yet, because this one’s just as exciting as the other similar hotels. This time modelled like the usual resort, The Giant Chiangmai offers a total above-the-ground experience with luxurious quality. The local Northern Thai cuisine is amazing, and the coffee at The Giant Café is simply marvellous, you die die must try lah. Not to mention, the rooms are comfortable and topped with a wooden patio and balcony.

But here’s the catch: the hotel only have a grand total of 5 rooms to offer; 3 deluxe rooms and 2 standard rooms. Additionally, you won’t find any mobile signal around here. While it may seem like an inconvenience, it’s a blessing in disguise if you’re looking to spend some real quality time with your loved ones.

Address: หมู่บ้าน บ้านป๊อก ห้วยแก้ว แม่ออน Chiang Mai 50130
Distance from Chiang Mai Airport: Around 59km or 1 hour 20 minutes drive
Room rate per night: S$132

9. Hotel YaYee

Now that you’ve seen tons of amazing, natural, and outdoor Chiang Mai hotels, here's another hotel designed to a more modern theme. Here at Hotel YaYee, every nook and cranny of the hotel is designed with rustic and intimate ambience. To make the hotel's theme that more unique, all the furniture around the place and within the rooms has a rustic-modern theme. Therefore, this hotel might appeal to younger travellers who need an overseas getaway while still retaining the sense of familiarity.

Apart from the whole presentation, Hotel YaYee also offers several modern facilities, lor. The Hungry Heart Café sells some wonderful contemporary cuisine and local coffee that you should try at least once in a lifetime. Then, for a more romantic experience, there’s also the Rooftop Bar that offers exquisite drinks and overlooking breathtaking city scenery.

Address: 17/5 ถนน สายน้ำผึ้ง อำเภอ เมืองเชียงใหม่ Chiang Mai 50200
Distance from Chiang Mai Airport: Around 5km or 15 minutes-drive
Room rate per night: S$126

10. Kaomai Lanna Resort Chiang Mai

Have you ever wondered what would the experience of living and sleeping in a barn would be? If you haven’t, then you should chope a room at Kaomai Lanna Resort, lah! Offering 34 rooms, all of them are built from the old, restored 48 barns in the middle of a tropical forest. While the original architecture is based on a barn, it is redesigned both interior and exterior with a hint of the Lanna Kingdom-inspired architecture.

What does that leave you with, ah? Well, for a start, you get a room with modern amenities and maximum comfort, and also gain access to several luxurious facilities like a massive outdoor pool, tropical garden, spa, and hydro-massage jet. For example, the tip of the iceberg is the on-site restaurant that serves serves exquisite Chinese and Thai cuisine. Additionally, the hotel also hosts a unique water aerobics class you won’t find in other Chiang Mai hotels, lor.

Address: 1 moo6 Chiangmai-hod Road, Ban Klang, San Pa Tong District, Chiang Mai 50120
Distance from Chiang Mai Airport: Around 27km or 40 minutes-drive
Room rate per night: S$73

11. The Oia Pai Resort & Spa

Want an entirely new take on privacy? Then, try spending your nights at The Oia Pai Resort, offering exciting rooms in the middle of a massive pool. Said pool is so large, that travelling around the hotel is done with a kayak. Not only that, but the pool is also open for swimmers. So shiok lah!

Apart from that, the hotel also offers a top-notch room with personal access and rustic, down-to-earth ambience. In addition, part of the property's layout is about discovering many instagrammable quirky spots and traditional Thai artefacts, making this hotel one that will be ingrained in your heart for many years to come.

Address: 254, Mae Hi, Pai District, Mae Hong Son 58130
Distance from Chiang Mai Airport: Around 131km or 2 hours 55 minutes drive
Room rate per night: S$173

And so, the conclusion is...

Most of these aforementioned quirky Chiang Mai hotels are situated rather far away from the main city. Because of that, it’s best if you stay there for a long time without planning to travel somewhere else in Chiang Mai. But whatever your reasons for staying are, you’ll be amazed at how these 11 charming hotels can mesmerise you with its unique presentation and experience lah.

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