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12 Beginner Guide To Bringing Drone For Travel Photography


Published on 17 Aug 2018

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

12 Beginner Guide To Bringing Drone For Travel Photography


Published on 17 Aug 2018

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

Make sure you read and save these 12 beginner tips to doing drone for travel photography to avoid any potential trouble and get the best droned travel photos.

Drone photography is an awesome way to capture beautiful moments of your trip. Drones allow you to take pictures from “not humanly possible” positions, capturing a different perspective of the view from up above. Otherwise normal subjects can instantly be transformed into unique photos as your camera ascends into the sky. If you haven’t brought your drone on a trip, here are some tips on taking it with you when you travel. Believe us, you won’t regret it!

1. Check the drone regulations of the destination you are travelling to

As drone photography is gaining popularity, many countries have started to tighten up drone laws. Knowing and understanding the regulations on drone use is important. It is suggested you check the local air safety authority websites of your destination for more details at least a week before going. You don’t want to risk having your drone confiscated at the airport or receiving a fine for flying without a permit in restricted areas.

2. Packing right

Most airlines do not allow you to check-in your drone. Invest in a proper bag that can help you protect your drone and store all your accessories. Lithium ion batteries are a fire hazard and are usually required to be hand-carried. Some airlines may require you to store your batteries in a LIPO bag which is designed to contain fire in case of any mid-air ignition. Remember to check your airline's safety regulations on drones. Always pack extra accessories like batteries, propellers, memory cards and landing pads in case of wet ground conditions. You don’t want to be caught in such situations and have to forego a flight.

3. Avoid crowds and flying over people

Not everybody will want to be a part of your photograph. Do respect people’s personal privacy. Most drone laws do not allow flying above people so do take note. Certain resorts also have a “no flying” policy in certain areas to ensure the privacy of the other guests. Do check with your hotel staff on flying. They can also recommend remote areas where you may fly your drone.

4. Update your software before your flight

Before your leave your hotel room, check that you have updated your drone to the latest software. It will be faster to download and update your drone using WIFI in the hotel room versus on the go. Updating your software also allows you to ensure that your drone equipment is free from any software bugs that may impede your flight in your new destination.

5. Plan your flight

Before you take off into the air with your drone, it is important to survey the place and plan your flight. In new surroundings, take note of any obstacles like trees, buildings etc as well as how strong the winds are to reduce the chances of you crashing your drone. If you are by the beach, take note of birds, seagulls and sometimes crows. Don’t get too close as they may attack the drone and send it crashing down, or worse, fly away with it (if they are large enough).

6. Understanding the best times of the day to fly

Best hours for drone flying to get cinematic drone footage is during sunrise and sunset. Sunrise will give you some nice warm golden colours and sunset will provide with you more purplish tones. Check with your hotel staff for the ideal times of the day.

Photo Tips

7. Symmetrical Views

Flying with a bird’s eye view lets you see things you can’t appreciate from the ground. Architectural setups may display beautiful symmetry. Find the mid-point of the shot and capture a picture that makes a nice mirror image.

8. Colour Contrasting

Dramatize your shots with contrasting colours of light and dark. You can get a lot of stunning shots with colours which are bright and vivid.

9. Divider Lines

Find lines when composing your shots. With a bridge or a road, frame your shots in various ways: down the middle, from left to right or diagonally down the middle. Just rotate your drone in the same spot for a different view and see what it captures!

10. Interesting Shapes

As you scan the ground, look for fun and interesting shapes. Sometimes there may be interesting designs on the ground. See if you can spot them. One location can have many points of view, so move your drone around to try and see them all.

11. Selfie Time

Say hello to the new selfie! No more need for selfie sticks. Just look up, wave your hand and smile!

12. Most of all, ENJOY IT!

We all want to get the best shot while we are there, but don’t stress while flying. Flying a drone is about relaxing and enjoying. So take the pressure off yourself from trying to take the perfect picture and just enjoy the view from up above. Naturally, everything looks great from up there!

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