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4 Money-Saving Tricks for Booking Hotels You Should Follow


Published on 11 Jul 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

4 Money-Saving Tricks for Booking Hotels You Should Follow


Published on 11 Jul 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

Are you tired of booking hotels that don't fit your comfort? These 4 tips will give you better comfort when travelling and help you save at the same time.

There’s nothing wrong with booking hotels on a tight budget when you plan to travel. In fact, backpackers across the world always find enjoyment during their journeys and discoveries at foreign lands outside the room. Eating at unique places with unique dishes, visiting exciting landmarks that make you say “Wah Shiok!”, you get the idea. At the same time, hotels don’t really matter as long as there’s a bed, shower, and AC.

But let’s be honest, not everyone loves that kind of travelling. You might actually be the kind of person who appreciates where you’re booking hotels because of these reasons.

1. You consider the sleeping part an important experience too

You consider the sleeping part an important experience too Article Photo Unsplash Resized

For you, the part where you only spend 6 to 10 hours sleeping and showering at a hotel is considered an experience too. Therefore, it has to be exciting, with all the great beds and bathrooms, complete set of facilities, and fancy breakfast dishes. This is even more important when you plan to travel for longer than two days. After all, can you imagine staying for 5 days in a damp, hot, and uncomfortable hotel? Alamak, of course not!

2. Said hotel is also the landmark of the country

Said hotel is also the landmark of the country Article Photo Unsplash Resized

When booking hotels, you might also consider the status and prestigiousness of the hotel. Some hotels around the world are also considered as one of the most well-known landmarks of that particular country. For example, Marina Bay Sands hotel is among the most popular destinations in Singapore with over 750,000 visits monthly. In fact, if you don’t visit Marina Bay Sands, you may be missing out on a lot of exciting things in Singapore.

3. Cheap hotels are not everywhere

Cheap hotels are not everywhere Article Photo Pexels Resized

Let’s be honest, unplanned travelling can be very exciting. The thrill you get as you go along your journey is simply irresistible. But at the same time, it can also be a hassle because you can’t make preparations beforehand. After all, not every place in the world has cheap hotels or hostels. Furthermore, booking hotels with hotel booking apps is harder than reserving a last-minute room at a regular hotel.

With that being said, all the aforementioned reasons seem sweet enough until you realize that money becomes the issue. Many hotels that are decent enough in terms of facilities aren’t exactly well-priced for travellers on a budget. And even with the existence of hotel booking websites and apps on the internet, the prices can still be rather intolerable.

Such a fact is also supported by the lack of fluctuation in room rates compared to airplane tickets. That’s why people commonly spend less time booking hotel rooms and more time looking for the cheapest flight. Moreover, the margin won’t be very large when comparing hotel prices during weekdays and weekends. The only thing you should worry about instead is the availability of those reasonable hotel rooms.

After all, it would be unreasonable to spend more money on hotel rooms and less on travelling itself. Think about it: if you spend more money on the hotel, you’ll miss out on other travelling experiences. Fewer places to visit, fewer stories to tell, fewer photos and videos to take, and fewer memories to enjoy. What you get instead is the feeling of dread and regret while calling it the worst trip you’ve ever experienced.

4. Therefore, you should know these life-saving tricks when booking hotels online

Therefore, you should know these life-saving tricks when booking hotel online Article Photo Pexels Resized

Because hotels still play a vital role in your trip, you need to find the suitable one to rent. And if budget is your issue, there are real life-saving tricks you can do when booking hotel rooms. By following these 4 tricks, you can get a cheaper price for your hotel rooms at anywhere you want to go. Plus, you can do this trick for literally any type of hotel: 4-star, 2-star, regular, or even hostels.

So, without further ado, here are the tricks you should know.

First, book hotel rooms directly

First, book hotel rooms directly Article Photo Unsplash Resized

Now, this method seems unorthodox and quite a hassle for many people. After all, this is the era of the internet and there are plenty of hotel booking sites and apps. They’re quick and transparent in showing the results, and also perfect if you don’t know the landscape of the country. Furthermore, the payment method is safe and quick. So why should you chope the hotel room directly instead of using simple ways?

Well first things first, let’s not discount the existence of the apps and websites. After all, they’re still very helpful when booking hotel rooms directly this way. What you need to do first is to find a hotel room and compare the price of each hotel booking platform. When you’ve found the cheapest one, keep it and memorize the platform you used (or just screenshot it for the easy way).

Once you do that, contact the hotel directly. Normally, hotels nowadays have their own websites and offers, particularly for the big players such as Hyatt, Accor, Hilton, and Marriott. When offering the price to the person whom you contact directly, they’ll give the best offer from their own platform. But if you’ve found a cheaper price before, they’ll adjust the price to the cheapest one.

And that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. You see, once you’ve contacted the hotel directly, you can also bargain for an even cheaper rate. This tends to work best when booking hotel rooms for weekdays or off-peak seasons. Once the cheapest price has been made, seal it and chope the room.

Then, take advantage of your credit card reward system

Then, take advantage of your credit card reward system Article Photo Pexels Resized

Wah lau! Booking hotel rooms directly can be cheaper, huh?” is what you might be thinking right now. It’s true, though, and you can take it even further than it already is. You see, there’s a secret advantage you can’t have from hotel booking apps or sites that you can have now. And that is, by booking a room directly, the hotel will give you point rewards when paying with credit cards. Now, why should it matter to you?

Let’s consider the rewards you can get by accumulating enough points. There are free merchandise, cashback, discount rates, and sometimes free services. Said services can include free dining at a restaurant or a free room at a higher-end hotel, which makes them really worth the effort. Therefore, you need to start gathering points through every transaction you do, even by booking hotel rooms directly.

Also, you can buy another person’s room

Also, you can buy another person’s room Article Photo Pexels Resized

Again, this seems unorthodox and bizarre, but for a different reason. Let’s be honest, have you ever heard of someone buying a random person’s reserved room? Chances are ‘no’, because it’s not a very common thing even by today’s standards, and almost nobody knows about it. But surprisingly, it is a legitimate trick, and there’s an actual hotel booking website that offers this kind of service.

You see, there are times when someone has already booked a hotel room but has to cancel because of personal reasons. And to make things more complicated, there are some hotels that don’t allow them to cancel the reservation. In order to avoid losing money, these hotels sell the reserved room at a discounted price through a website called Roomer. Hence, you can get a cheaper hotel through this website.

However, you must be wary of one thing when booking hotel rooms like this. Because it is a very new business feature in the hotel industry, the variety of hotel rooms might be lacking. This is further supported by the fact that Roomer is the first hotel booking site (and still the only one to date) providing this service. But once you do find a suitable hotel room, the price will be very affordable and tempting.

And lastly, get a last-minute deal

And lastly, get a last-minute deal Article Photo Unsplash Resized

As mentioned before, unplanned travelling has its own thrill and excitement. However, booking hotel rooms at the last minute is definitely the biggest drawback that may give you a headache. After all, by the time you start looking for a hotel room for tomorrow, many rooms will already be reserved. And if you browse for too long, there will be no hotel rooms left, and the trip plan might be cancelled for real.

But luckily, you’re not the only one struggling. More often than not, hotels also find it difficult to sell enough rooms when approaching their designated date. To make up for it, they tend to put it on sale at a lower price at specialized hotel booking sites. Expedia and HotelTonight are among the best platforms designed for this kind of last-minute deals, so you might want to check them out.

With that being said, however, booking hotel rooms like this can be very risky when it comes to availability. Because of their cheaper rate, people around the world will race against each other to book the rooms as quickly as possible. As a result, you may not be able to book any rooms if you’re not quick enough. Therefore, as its name suggests, only make use of this trick if you really need a last-minute deal.

Because planning an overseas trip is not cheap, you need to consider every transaction you are about to pay. There are flight tickets, transportation, hotel rooms, food, merchandise, and other fees from travelling to tourist landmarks. Hence, you need to find ways to cut expenses from either one or two (or even all) of those aspects.

This article covers one of them, and that is how to save money when booking hotel rooms. From now on, follow these four tricks every time you plan to travel somewhere far away. It will make your travelling experience more enjoyable.

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