7 Best Hotels in Kyoto with Private Onsen for Couple


Published on 04 Nov 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

7 Best Hotels in Kyoto with Private Onsen for Couple


Published on 04 Nov 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

Experience the onsen culture by staying in these 7 Kyoto hotels with private onsens, upscale hospitality, amazing facilities, and traditional Japanese design.

Heading to Kyoto for your next vacation? Don’t miss out on the city’s famous onsen and immerse yourself into the healthy, soothing, and relationship-bonding experience in the hot springs. Forbes Travel Guide also lists Kyoto as one of the top travel Instagram destinations in January 2019.

Onsen is the Japanese practice of bathing in generally communal hot springs where local people develop a relationship called hadaka no tsukiai; building a chaste relationship with others without hiding behind clothes. However, everyone is comfortable sharing a bathing spot with strangers, especially in a barely-covered body, so why not looking for private onsen instead?

If you want to experience this traditional culture, there are plenty of comfortable hotels in Kyoto that offer private onsen where you can enjoy the healing benefits of the hot spring with only your significant other, as well as the numerous luxurious facilities and helpful services from the staff that will attend to all your needs. Read on to find out 7 Kyoto hotels that offers private onsen services during your stay.

1. Yunohana Resort Suisen

Look forward to an exceptional level of hospitality when you stay at Yunohana Resort Suisen. This Kyoto hotel is adjacent to both the Arashiyama and Sagano districts, both perfect destinations for travelling couples. You will be greeted by friendly hotel staff that will ensure your privacy while staying at this hotel. Take note the hotel does not allow children under the age of 6 to stay at the hotel, due to the nature of keeping a quiet and tranquil atmosphere for all guests.

Among all Kyoto hotels, Yunohana Resort Suisen offers offers the ultimate in exclusivity with 6 room types, 13 rooms in total: opening only 6 types of rooms, divided into 13 rooms in total. The Suisen Suite, Japanese Style Room, Japanese Style Double Room, and Japanese/Western Style Suite Room with an open-air bath area to enjoy the natural outdoors while soaking yourself. Specifically designed to have a dim and ambient illumination, you will be able to relax in this room, whether it is in the afternoon or after a long day touring the Kyoto Downtown.

Every room is equipped with great amenities: including a TV, BD player, air-conditioning, tea maker, refrigerator, and a bathroom with toiletries. Yunohana Resort Suisen also offers the guests with delicious kaiseki-styled cuisine prepared from delectable ingredients served in a private dining room. Experience your utmost romantic getaway by staying in this beautiful Kyoto onsen hotel.

Address: 621-0034 Kyoto, Kameoka, Hiedano-cho Ashinoyama Inoshiri 6-3, Japan
Distance from Kyoto Station: 27.6km or 43-minute drive
Room rate per night: S$827

2. Kashoen Hanare Fuka Hotel

Enjoy the ultimate onsen experience in the Yuuhigaura hot spring when you staying at Kashoen Hanare Fuka hotel. This is another hotel that offers exclusive privacy to all guests who crave luxury in the midst of nature, without having anyone who might kaypoh your holiday. The Yuuhigara Hot Springs are internationally renowned for its divine sunsets, where guests can soak in and enjoy the beauty of nature and health beauty from the spring's natural benefits.

Kashoen Hanare Fuka hotel provides 18 Japanese or Western-style rooms, all equipped with open-air bath area and a terrace. The rooms' interior architecture are designed either in a Japanese and Western style; with a private onsen on a separate level. Both the indoor and open-air baths have sauna services as well, while another separate large private bath is open to all guests.

In-room facilities for this Kyoto onsen hotel include a TV, Japanese tea set, air conditioning, telephone, and a bathroom with toiletries. To satisfy your palate, savour the delicious Japanese and Western dishes served by the hotel’s restaurant with an open-air kitchen setting. There are several points of interest and landmarks around the hotel for your entertainment including an amusement arcade, beauty salon, and a coffee shop in the hotel area.

Address: 247 Aminochō Kitsu, Kyōtango, Kyoto 629-3241
Distance from Kyoto Station: 128.2km or 2 hours and 11-minute drive
Room rate per night: S$543

3. Amayadori No Yado Ujo Soan Hotel

The 5-star Kyoto hotel with private onsen is an ideal choice should you be planning a quiet getaway holiday, offering you both authentic Japanese hospitality and the utmost privacy. Amayadori No Yado Ujo Soan Hotel is an adult-only, 6 en-suite private villa property, each with a private onsen in all rooms. This exclusive accommodation is nestled deep in the Tango Peninsula, northern coastal of Kyoto, and also offers a magnificent beach view with clear water and blue sky.

Each private onsen runs with the naturally pure water from Yuhigaura Bay, known for its healing properties and youthful properties. Amayadori No Yado Ujo Soan Hotel highlights the beauty of natural surroundings, allowing you to enjoy the autumn atmosphere while soaking in the open-air bath. When you’re not in the bath, be sure to visit the hotel’s library or its golf course to spend the time.

Each room features entertainment options like pay-per-view television, cable TV, and on-demand movies. Other facilities include a safe deposit box, refrigerator, tea maker, and a bathroom with toiletries, dressing gowns, and bath sheets. Pamper yourself with the spa service, and enjoy massage treatments amidst the tranquillity of the green garden right outside your room.

Address: 247 Kitsu, Amino-cho, Kyotango-city, Kyoto Prefecture
Distance from Kyoto Station: 128.3km or 2 hours and 8-minute drive
Room rate per night: S$1244

4. Togetsutei Hotel Kyoto

If you’re looking for a more affordable and comfortable Kyoto onsen hotel, look no further than Togetsutei Hotel Kyoto. This 3-star accommodation is perfect for travellers who want to experience onsen culture. Making your way to the mountains would not be a long journey, as this hotel is a short 11-minute drive (3.6km) away from Arashiyama.

All rooms designed in the traditional Japanese interior architecture complete with tatami flooring. Finally, the room also comes with a spacious seating area, air-conditioning, heater, refrigerator, a TV, a safe deposit box, and a bathroom with toiletries.

All the rooms available for lodging are separated into four types: apart from picking a mountain or river view, the first out of three "special" room types, is the Hekisenkaku Wing: furnished with an open-air bath where you can soak yourself to your heart's content while enjoying the scenery of the elegant river. Secondly, the Shuzan-kaku Wing offers a cypress bath overlooking a mountain view with similar in-room facilities, as well as a hot water pot. Finally, admire the beautiful body of water around this hotel from another river view suite, the Origawa River room which is also adjacent to a sweeping view of Kyoto's skyline. You definitely won’t want to pon your chance staying in this hotel.

Address: 54 Nakaoshitacyou Arashiyama Nishikyouku, Kyoto
Distance from Kyoto Station: 9.7km or 23-minute drive
roomn rate per night: S$662

5. Arashiyama Benkei Hotel

Arashiyama Benkei Hotel is located in Kyoto’s more famous district, Arashiyama, famous for its idyllic surroundings and a beautiful natural environment. The district is also populated with many 4-star Kyoto hotels onsen facilities private to hotel guests which are segregated according to gender. Immersed in traditional Japanese hospitality, you will be pampered with the hotel’s best facilities, making this an unforgettable vacation that will surely make you want to come back a second time.

Situated in a quiet spot near Katsura River, expect lush and refreshing native greenery whichever side of the hotel you look out from. Arashiyama Benkei Hotel offers a total of 10 exclusive ryokan rooms specially designed to celebrate and pay homage to aspects of ancient Japanese culture in both the ryokan's architecture and design. The establishment’s exclusivity provides a unique sense of luxury, especially with the in-room facilities like a spacious sitting room, air-conditioning, TV, and bathroom with open-air hot tub.

Staying at this hotel also means you can soak in the Arashiyama hot spring in a large open-air bath. However, if you are conscious about being in the nude with strangers around, the ryokan also offers a private open-air bath where you can enjoy the same beautiful landscape, but at your own discretion.

Address: Ukyo-ku Saga Tenryuji Susukinobaba-cho 34, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto
Distance from Kyoto Station: 10km or 21-minute drive
Room rate per night: S$1924

6. Syoenso Hozugawatei

At Syoenso Hozugawatei, you are offered either a choice of a modern bed or a traditional futon. This hotel is situated at Ashinoyama district; a district of Kyoto that boasts hospitality and service as well as highlights Japanese values and culture. Syoenso Hozugawatei is another hotel in the area which provides either communal or private onsen experiences; choose from the different types like the rock bath, medicinal bath or cypress bath, all fuelled by the Yunohana hot spring.

Besides soaking in this Kyoto onsen hotel hot spring, dine at the hotel’s restaurant carefully designed to provide a private and luxurious dining ambience amidst Kyoto's natural landscape. The hotel also boasts an evening lounge where you can spend the night drinking or spending time with your significant other.

Address: 1-4 Hiedanocho Ashinoyama, Kameoka, Kyoto
Distance from Kyoto Station: 27.9km or 35-minute drive
Room rate per night: S$248

7. Garden Ryokan Yachiyo

Our last-but-not-least pick for another Kyoto onsen hotel is the Garden Ryokan Yachiyo. While it is a 3.5-star hotel, this hotel is strategically situated near one of Kyoto's most famous historical sites: the Kyoto Imperial Palace. It is also a short 3-minute walk (700m) away from the historic Nanzenji Temple, a perfect conclusion to your pilgrimage around the area, before returning to the hotel to enjoy a private onsen experience in one of the hotel's hot spring pools.

Garden Royal Yachiyo hotel embraces Kyoto's four seasons by combining both modern amenities and traditional Japanese culture for the interior design. Every room is equipped with a smart TV, air-conditioning, tea maker, and bathroom with complete toiletries. In contrast, you will be surrounded by traditional Japanese vibes with the tatami flooring and futon, while the exterior of the hotel is surrounded by the natural Kyoto lush greenery, while you soak in the room's open-air wood hot tub.

All rooms are also provided with a spacious seating area, a balcony, and a garden view. Complete your ultimate Japanese dining experience at this hotel and visit the garden restaurant that serves authentic Japanese cuisine prepared from the best natural ingredients.

Address: 34 Nanzenji Fukoji-cho, Sakyo-ku, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto
Distance from Kyoto Station: 5.7km or 18-minute drive
Room rate per night: S$398

This list showcases some of the best Kyoto hotels with a private onsen to stay in during your visit to the prefecture. Offering a fusion of captivating scenery and upscale facilities, experience the ancient traditions of Japan at your comfort in the present time.

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