7 Cool Hotels in Shinjuku, Tokyo for your Unforgettable Holiday


Published on 04 Nov 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

7 Cool Hotels in Shinjuku, Tokyo for your Unforgettable Holiday


Published on 04 Nov 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

Located in the heart of Tokyo, Shinjuku has a lot to offer for visitors. Explore Shinjuku and stay in one of these 7 hotels, ranging from capsule hotels to 5-star hotels.

Shinjuku is one of the most fashionable areas in Tokyo; offering both vibrant nightlife as well as bustling daytime tourism. For example, Shin-okubo is dubbed as “Japan’s Koreatown”, as it immerses you so deeply that you could forget that you were still in Japan. Surrounded by Korean food, ambience, and music; it is a welcome contrast to what you would usually find in Japan. For nightlife, hit up either Shinjuku 2-chome or Kabuki-cho and immerse in its vibrant energy of nighttime activities.

With so many tourist attractions in Shinjuku, it is natural to find many accommodation options situated nearby them. From cosy capsule hotels befitting backpackers to a five-star suite with scenic views of Mt. Fuji, you will find 7 unique Shinjuku hotels in this article, each with its own charms and unique selling points that distincts them from the competition.

Take note this list is exhaustive, as uou can easily find many other great hotels in Tokyo by shopping around at other hotel booking sites. With those sites, you can compare Tokyo hotel rates per night and read user reviews before committing to a booking. Some sites and hotels even allow you to book before payment, which could prove useful in some cases such as when applying for a visa or renting Wi-Fi access. If you still feel confused, fret not: turn to online forums or hotel review blogs and gather honest reviews from guests that have stayed previously.

Ready to explore Shinjuku and stay in unique hotels not found elsewhere in the world? Read on.

1. Booth Netcafe & Capsule

Capsule hotels are all the rage in Japan with the scarcity of real estate space, and Booth Netcafe & Capsule is one of the unique capsule hotels in Shinjuku. Located near many prominent Shinjuku attractions, this cosy internet cafe-cum-hotel is hard to miss. For example, JR Shinjuku Station is a 5-minute walk (400m) away from the hotel, while Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is a slightly longer 10-minute walk (1.5km) away. The close proximity to both stations lets you explore the city swiftly and conveniently, thanks to one of the world’s most advanced subway systems.

As its name suggests, the hotel offers bunks segregated by sex. Complimentary drinks are also available for all guests to enjoy while they use the high-speed Wi-Fi available throughout the entire hotel, as well as a communal lounge with a TV for guests to socialise at. Take note of the nature of capsule hotels being smaller in space, thus they are recommended mostly for solo travellers.

Address: 160-0021 Tokyo Prefecture, Shinjuku-ku Kabuki-cho 1-15-5, Japan
Distance from Haneda International Airport: About 16.6 km or 30-minute drive
Room rate per night: S$98

2. Apartment Hotel Shinjuku

This small hotel offers the dual comforts of a homey ambience and modern amenities that allow you to enjoy your stay. A short 3-minute walk (400m) away from JR Shinjuku station, it grants you easy access to navigate the rest of the Tokyo metropolitan area. Apartment Hotel Shinjuku is also a place for shopaholics due to its close proximity to several high-profile shopping centres; such as Takashimaya Times Square, an even shorter 2-minute (200m) away from the hotel, and NEWoMan Mall which is a 3-minute walk (300m) away.

Apartment Hotel Shinjuku offers up to seven room choices, each choice able to accommodate up to two guests. Every room provides amenities include a kitchenette with an electric kettle and hot plate, while the bathroom includes a bathtub and complimentary toiletries. Finally, the establishment’s staff is fluent in English, making sure your stay here would be a smooth one.

Address: 160-0022 Tokyo Prefecture, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku 4-4-10, Japan
Distance from Haneda International Airport: About 15.9 km or 30-minute drive
Room rate per night: S$161

3. Shinjuku Global Hotel

If you are visiting Tokyo on a budget trip with either family or friends, look no further than Shinjuku Global Hotel. This one-star hotel is conveniently located near Shin-okubo station, with many nearby culinary marvels to boot. Room choices include Simple, Double and Quadruple rooms: each able to easily host up to four guests. In addition, checking in and out is a breeze, with the entire process centralised within a tablet at the front desk.

As for room amenities, every room in Shinjuku Global Hotel is equipped with an electric kettle, air-conditioning, flat-screen TV, and a hairdryer, as well as laundry service for all guests. Finally, you will be delighted to know the hotel staff are equally fluent in English, Korean and Japanese, making communication easier for more guests.

Address: 169-0073 Tokyo Prefecture, 百人町2-6-6 SHINJUKU GLOBAL HOTEL, Japan
Distance from Haneda International Airport: About 17.7 km or 30-minute drive
Room rate per night: S$68

4. Hotel Gracery Shinjuku

The recently built Hotel Gracery Shinjuku first opened its doors to guests on April 2015 and have since been garnering positive reviews from both local and international guests alike. Nicknamed "The Godzilla Hotel", visitors are particularly attracted by its unique building shape and room designs. The hotel is also located in the centre of Shinjuku – where it is a 5-minute walk (500m) away from JR Shinjuku Station east exit and a shorter 3-minute walk (300m) away from Seibu Shinjuku station.

Instead of on-site Wi-Fi, Hotel Gracery Shinjuku issues all guests with a complimentary Wi-Fi dongle for them to take with them wherever they desire, saving the hassle of dealing with Japan’s complex Wi-Fi rental system. in terms of room amenities, you can find a flat-screen TV with international channels, air-conditioning, bathroom with complimentary toiletries, and an electric kettle to make yourself some delicious matcha or green tea, with the provided teabags.

Address: 160-0021 Tokyo Prefecture, Shinjuku-ku Kabukicho 1-19-1, Japan
Distance from the nearest airport: About 16.7 km or 30-minute drive Shinjuku Kuyakusho-mae Capsule Hotel
Room rate per night: $238

5. Shinjuku Kuyakusho-mae Capsule Hotel

Another capsule hotel to make it on our list is another one of the most unique hotels in Shinjuku. While the available bunks of this hotel might be smaller than most, they are jam-packed with many amenities, with some not even present in some pricier hotels. Just a brief 3-minute walk (350m) away from Shinjuku Train Station, the hotel's location makes it incredibly easy to explore Tokyo via the subway system. Shopaholics will also find the capsule hotel's location attractive, with it located near prominent department stores such as Shinjuku Subnade Shopping Mall.

You will find each capsule unit is fitted with a bed, television, and an alarm clock. While the hotel's bathroom is shared, each guest cubicle is provided with complimentary toiletries for personal use. Finally, there is a large communal area to unwind in after a long day and socialise in, or patronise the hotel restaurant for some late-night meals.

Location: 160-0021 Tokyo Prefecture, Shinjuku-ku, Kabukicho 1-2-5, Japan
Distance from Haneda International Airport: About 16.5 km or 30-minute drive
Room rate per night: S$120

6. Shinjuku Granbell Hotel

When you first see the photos of Shinjuku Granbell Hotel, the first thing that strikes you about the hotel is the architecture, which is a design marvel on its own. A short 4-minute walk (450m) away from Higashi-shinjuku Subway station and slightly longer 15-minute walk (1.5km) away from JR Shinjuku Station East Exit, this new hotel never fails to amaze guests and hotel reviewers with its modern and unique design.

In addition, Shinjuku Granbell Hotel offers a wide variety of room choices: beginning from the Economy Single suited for solo travellers, to the Deluxe Triple with Loft comfortably housing up to 4 guests (3 adults 1 child). Upon arrival, you will be greeted by staff who can speak English fluently who will tend to all your needs throughout your stay.

In addition, this hotel offers a complete list of facilities and amenities that will make you will feel right at home. Certain room types offer an open terrace, so you can enjoy the scenic views from the hotel to your heart's content. Every room is equipped with air-conditioning, complimentary Wi-Fi, and a safety deposit box for all your valuables. Finally, the hotel has a coin-operated laundry service for all guests who need to do any washing.

Address: 160-0021 Tokyo Prefecture, Shinjuku-ku Kabukicho 2-14-5, Japan
Distance from Haneda International Airport: About 16.7 km or 30-minute drive
Room rate per night: S$195

7. Park Hyatt Hotel

The view of a mountain is universally well-liked for its beauty, and some would gladly pay to have that view from their hotel suite. If you agree with that sentiment, consider staying in Park Hyatt Hotel while visiting Shinjuku. With modern luxury at an elevated location, you will be treated with the awesome scenery of Mt. Fuji overlooking the Shinjuku skyline. This 52-storied 5-star hotel boasts world-class features and amenities in every room, as well as convenient access to Shinjuku’s most prominent landmarks and a direct 25 to 30-minute drive (16 km) to and from Haneda International Airport.

Each room in this hotel is elegantly finished with Hokkaido wood panelling and Egyptian cotton sheets for the beds, as well as swift Wi-Fi connection whichever floor you are lodging at, and a TV with video-on-demand options. The staff are multilingual as well, making it a breeze to request for anything during your stay.

In addition, the Park Hyatt Hotel offers complimentary shuttle service to selected destinations around Shinjuku. Finally, for in-dining options, guests can choose to dine at the on-site New York Grill restaurant on the 52nd floor, or the Pastry Boutique shop to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Address: 163-1055 Tokyo Prefecture, Shinjuku-ku, Nishishinjuku 3-7-1-2, Japan
Distance from Haneda International Airport: About 16.1 km or 30-minute drive
Room rate per night: S$294

While every hotel in the Shinjuku area, including the ones not on the list, has its own charm and selling points, we hope this list has been a steady reference for your next trip to explore the wonders of Shinjuku!

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