7 Hotels Near Kawaramachi Kyoto for Budget Travellers

Places of Interest

Published on 04 Nov 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

7 Hotels Near Kawaramachi Kyoto for Budget Travellers

Places of Interest

Published on 04 Nov 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

Kawaramachi is Kyoto's Downtown for endless entertainment, shopping and culinary delights. Here are 7 great Kyoto hotels to make your stay more memorable.

Known as Kyoto’s one-stop entertainment district, Kawaramachi offers endless pleasure; from shopping arcades to glorious shrines and temples to visit during your stay. When you lodge at Kyoto hotels near Kawaramachi, you will have access to explore various attractions and traditional Japanese houses in the corner Shijo Dori. Asia Travel Guide states that Kawaramachi is the best Kyoto downtown to stay in, and there are many reasons to show why.

First off, this district is renowned for its combination of traditional Japanese and modern convenience in the ancient capital city of Japan, Kyoto. Take a casual stroll down the road to the district of Gion: well-known for the geisha and maiko district. You will also find many hotels, ochaya (tea houses), or many traditional Japanese shrines that locals centuries ago and now clustered to offer prayers and offerings. Finally, head to the kabuki theatre or find a bowling alley for either the traditional or modern form of entertainment.

If you plan to visit Kyoto this holiday, here are 7 best Kyoto hotels near Kawaramachi that offer affordable accommodation for budget travellers.

1. First Cabin Kyoto Kawaramachi Sanjo

As the name implies, you’ll find a conveniently situated accommodation designed à la cabin style; the hotel’s clean, compact rooms are both luxuriously comfortable and very affordable. The Travel Intern lists First Cabin Kyoto Kawaramachi Sanjo as one of the best capsule hotels in Japan. Offering communal but generous facilities including a lounge area, powder room, public bath, shower cubicles and a designated smoking area, First Cabin Kyoto Kawaramachi Sanjo is a short 5-minute walk away from Kawaramachi Station, where even more attractions can be found near the district.

Drawing inspiration from the standards of an A-list airline, First Cabin is one of the cheapest and best hotels in Kyoto which offers First Class Room and Business Class Room. The Business Class cabin is equipped with a 100cm wide bed, a power outlet, LCD TV, Wi-Fi connection, and keyed safety box, while The First Class cabin provides even more luxury and comfort with a comfortable 12cm wide bed, a side table, LCD TV, power outlets, Wi-Fi connection, and a safety deposit box.

In addition, this hotel caters to its female guests with extra amenities like make-up remover, facial cleansers, body lotion and cotton wool. Finally, head down to the hotel Bar to quench your thirst and unwind the night.

Address: 437 Ebisucho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto
Distance from Kyoto Airport: About 3.6km or 16-minute drive
Room rate per night: S$96

2. Kyotoya Kamogawa Gojo Private Villa

This budget accommodation is a mere 1-minute walk (100m) away from Kawaramachi with all its points of interest. Find yourself staying at the hotel along the riverwalk, boasting a beautiful natural scenery amidst downtown Kyoto. If you’re travelling with groups, consider booking its more spacious rooms which can comfortably accommodate up to 6 people.

Kyotoya Kamogawa Gojo Private Villa is one of the smoke-free Kyoto boutique hotel, offering complete facilities to the guests. There is Wi-Fi in public areas, a kitchen with a fridge, microwave, and a coffee/tea maker. Chill with friends in its spacious living room or the dining area. Other amenities include a bathroom with a separate tub, a TV, air conditioning, heating, and a hairdryer.

If you want to stay at Kyotoya Kamogawa Gojo Private Villa, take note the hotel has no front desk to go to. If you intend on staying here, call up the property prior your arrival to reserve yourself a room, then follow up with an e-mailed set of instructions to check-in.

Finally, Gion Corner is a short 10-minute walk (800m) away from the hotel.

Address: 143-15 Toichicho, Shimogyo-ku, Gion, Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto
Distance from Kyoto Station: About 2.2km or 9 minute-drive
Room rate per night: S$316

3. Aoi Kyoto Stay

Aoi Kyoto Stay Article Photo Business 1 Resized Source: Aoi Kyoto Stay

Aoi Kyoto Stay provides a wide array of townhouses suitable for solo travellers or families, offering complete facilities to make your stay more convenient. In total, this property has 5 townhouses scattered around Kyoto. The one closest to Kawaramachi is Aoi Kyoto Stay Kamogawa-tei. A short 5-minute walk (400m) away from Kiyomizu Gojo Station, this property boasts traditionally designed Japanese rooms with modern conveniences to ensure your comfort.

Aoi Kyoto Stay Article Photo Business 2 Resized Source: Aoi Kyoto Stay

Conveniently situated near Kamogawa River, start off your day with the refreshing Kyoto morning view while sipping tea in the balcony. The rooms are traditionally designed with tatami flooring and futon bedding, sliding doors, and furnished with modern furniture. There is air-conditioning in every room, as well as a heater, in-floor heating, DVD player, and hotel Wi-Fi. In the first floor, you will find a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. For your entertainment, a TV is available in both first and second floor.

Aoi Kyoto Stay Article Photo Business 3 Resized Source: Aoi Kyoto Stay

Aoi Kyoto Stay Kamogawa-tei is a 100 year-old machiya or "townhouse" in Japanese, which can comfortably accommodate up to 5 guests, where you can find many pieces of traditional well-preserved Japanese furniture. Finally, from Aoi Kyoto Stay, you can reach Nishiki Market within a 15-minute walk (1300m), or Downtown Kawaramachi within a 8-minute walk (650m).

Address: 429 Zaimokucho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto
Distance from Kyoto Station: About 2.5km or 10-minute drive
Room rate per night: S$400

4. Book and Bed

If you’re looking for an affordable place to stay in Kyoto hotels, and don't mind communal living, consider Book and Bed as your ideal accommodation. This Kyoto hotel near Kawaramachi is not your typical hotel: with numerous books surrounding your beds, giving you the simple luxury of reading before drifting off to sleep. This place of lodging is the ultimate haven and getaway for book lovers to enjoy what they love doing and socialising as well.

Offering 20 beds and home to over 2,500 books stored in bookshelves and even on the ceiling, look forward to finding a good book and curling up in the hotel's signature blue sofa for a good time reading. In addition, the property also has complimentary Wi-Fi and toiletries, and personal lockers to safe-keep your valuables.

Finally, take note this hotel does not accept cash, so keep your credit card or other cashless payments handy.

One of Kyoto's famous shrines; the Yasaka shrine, is a short 8-minutes walk (600m) away from this capsule hotel Kyoto. Found in the Gion district, this shrine was first built over 1350 years ago. Visit this place during the summer to enjoy the full buzz of the Gion Matsuri Festival in the middle of the cherry blossom season.

Address: 200 Nakanocho, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto
Distance from Kyoto Station: About 3.6km or 13-minute drive
Room rate per night: S$40

5. COMICAP Kyoto

Another Kyoto hotel equipped with both simple and unique style. COMICAP, also known as Comics & Capsule Hotel, offers an atmosphere very similar to Book and Bed, but comics! Guests can chill and enjoy their favourite manga in the hotel’s comfortable public area with a bed, sofa, loungers and modern seating arrangements. Snacks are also available to fill your stomach while you sate your hunger with the wide array of comics and manga.

COMICAP Kyoto ia a smoke-free capsule hotel Kyoto offering 60 rooms with a collection of 30,000 comics, wooden furniture, and warm ambience. All rooms resemble what you can find in capsule hotels; small but comfortable with a small curtain for your privacy. Choose from either the Standard Room surrounded by comic shelves, or the Deluxe type without the warm ambience of bookshelves, as this room was designed just to sleep in, instead of being themed.

Inside this capsule hotel Kyoto, you'll find amenities like a wall socket to charge your devices and fittingly, a reading lamp. Public facilities available in COMICAP Kyoto hotel include a locker room to safely store your belongings, washing machine, communal bathroom with toiletries, a lounge equipped with a microwave, snacks, and an electric pot. Staying at this hotel will definitely give you the dual experience of convenience and simple comfort.

Address: 525-1-4F Nakagyou-ku, Sinkyogoku Takoyakusi Kudaru Higasigawacho Kyoto
Distance from Kyoto Station: About 3.4km or 16-minute drive
Room rate per night: S$94

6. Glansit Kyoto Kawaramachi

Glansit Kyoto Kawaramachi is another strong option for budget travellers hunting for affordable lodging near Kawaramachi. The 2-star hotel is only a 1-minute walk away (130m) from Kawaramachi Station and the endless slew of attractions near the district. In addition, this hotel is homey, cosy, and employs smart system technology in making your stay at the hotel more comfortable and convenient. Take note this hotel also operates a 24-hour front desk, so you can still check-in even if you arrive late.

In terms of accommodation, this hotel offers both dormitory and private capsule concepts. Choose between either gender-segregated or mixed gender sleeping areas; either choice will get you beds, a communal bathroom and locker area, and laundry area.

However, picking the capsule grants you a few additional amenities due to its private nature like a 32-inch TV, USB wall ports, complimentary Wi-Fi, and a security deposit box.

For female travellers, the hotel provides a lounge exclusively only for female guests with complimentary drinks to help yourself with. You can find this area on the ground floor with numerous choices of magazines and books to read at your own leisure. Alternatively, you can chill at the terrace lounge on the roof area for a seat with a view of the Kamogawa River tracing the city skyline and greenery, making this Kyoto boutique hotel a definite personal haven for all would-be guests.

Address: 380-2 Komeyacho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto
Distance from Kyoto Station: About 3.1km or 13-minute drive
Room rate per night: S$51

7. Kyoto Izutsu Hotel

Located a short 5-minutes walk (500m) away from Kawaramachi Station, this Kyoto hotel is an affordable and cosy place to come back to after a long day of sightseeing around Kyoto. The Kyoto Izutsu Hotel provides easy access to numerous shopping experience, restaurants, and entertainment like Nishiki market, Gion district, and Ponto-cho.

This hotel joins the list of hotels near Kyoto train station, and is home to comfortable guest rooms, divided into three types: the Standard Twin, Standard Double, and Deluxe Twin. Each room’s bed is furnished with a comfy Simmons mattress, 32-inch TV, air conditioning, bathroom, refrigerator, hairdryer, electric kettle, and complimentary Wi-Fi.

The property's public area for guests includes complimentary coffee round the clock and an "Internet Library" as well. Finally, the Kyoto Izutsu Hotel's facilities and amenities include a laundromat, a vending machine, as well as a trouser press and air purifiers at additional rental costs.

Address: 52 Daikokucho, Kawaramachidori Sanjo-sagaru, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto
Distance from Kyoto Station: About 3.5km or 15-minute drive
Room rate per night: S$88

This list will definitely expedite your search for affordable Kyoto hotels both closely situated near attractions of the Kawaramachi district and also affordable for budget travellers. Book one that suits your preference and enjoy a memorable stay in Kyoto.

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