7 Must Do Phuket Night Activities to Complete Your Holiday

Places of Interest

Published on 30 Aug 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

7 Must Do Phuket Night Activities to Complete Your Holiday

Places of Interest

Published on 30 Aug 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

Not only Phuket is known for its beaches, but it also offers great nightlife. If you are a night owl, check out this guide to explore night activities there.

Phuket is a city that almost never sleeps. On any day, there is a lot to do in Phuket, such as sightseeing or getting tans from one of the 30 beautiful beaches available. However, the fun doesn’t stop there. At night, you can explore what might be the best nightlife available in Thailand, or even in the world. Yes, Phuket is also well-known for its night entertainment. The choice of activities you can do after the sunsets is endless, and you will never run out of fun when you visit Phuket.

With the seemingly infinite list of night activities you can try in Phuket, it is sometimes difficult to find out where to start. Read on to find out a lot of things you can try while in Phuket, most of them can only be found there. From unforgettable romantic dinner to shopping at the night markets, there seems to be always something for everyone after the sun sets in Phuket.

However, before you begin, make sure that your accommodation allows you to enjoy Phuket at its peak. You are advised to book Phuket hotels or Phuket resorts in the centre of the city as strategically-located accommodation will allow you to enjoy entire Phuket easier. To find the best hotels in Phuket and the best deals, you can use booking websites such as WorldRoamer.

From your hotel, you can usually order a taxi or go with a tuk-tuk to your preferred night entertainment place. The transportation cost is also affordable, starting from S$2.26. Of course, the transportation cost will vary depending on your hotel location and the place you want to go, so it is better if you stay near the tourist attractions. If you don’t speak Thai, ride-hailing apps may be a better option because they can show the price accurately.

To enjoy night entertainment, you also need to prepare security precautions, although Thailand is relatively safe compared to other Southeast Asia nations. Store emergency numbers in your phone in case of emergency (or too many binge-drinking), watch your surroundings and avoid drinking too much. Your wallet and belly will thank you if you cut down from consuming alcohol every night. Learning basic phrases in Thai could also help you get out of a sticky situation. With that said, let’s find out what can you do after the sun sets!

1. Explore Phuket’s countless night markets

Want to taste Thailand’s local specialities, or buy souvenirs for friends and family members back home? You can visit one of Phuket’s night markets. Local night markets are good to find local culinary delights and souvenirs for cheap. Sometimes, you can even find exclusive things that are only sold in those markets. You can even try and hone your haggling skills in those markets!

You may want to visit Chillva Market that opens every day. Located in Ratsada, Mueang Phuket District, this small market is hard to miss and offers trendy Thailand merchandise as well as culinary marvels. However, it is catered towards local Thai, so if you don’t speak Thai, your interaction there will be a bit limited. Alternatively, you can visit Phuket Night Market or known as the Naka market locally if you visit Thailand on the weekend. The market is larger than Chillva Market, but it opens only on weekends. Some sellers speak English, so you can explore the market better.

2. Party with the world’s best DJs

DJ Resized With the abundance of clubs and bars, the option for partying in Phuket is endless. Some clubs and bars offer world-class DJ shows every now and then, and it is a great opportunity for you to party and socialize. Oftentimes, you just need to bring your body and some cash to buy beverages to join. However, as you are partying abroad, please exercise caution and limit your consumption of alcohol. Passing out in a foreign country is not fun.

To start raving, you can stroll around in Patong street as there are a lot of bars and clubs there. The choice of DJs is available on the club’s website or social network profiles, so you might want to search for the name of the club before entering or planning a visit. If you are adventurous, you can just stroll into any bar there, and enjoy the great performance and drink.

3. Enjoy ladyboy shows

Phuket Simon Cabaret Article Photo Business Resized Source: Phuket Simon Cabaret

Thanks to Thailand’s relatively tolerant culture, ladyboys can be commonly found there. Their looks range from “feminine man” to “even put pageant participants a run for their money”. How to easily spot a ladyboy? Some hints are more easily found, such as Adam’s apple and their reluctance to use bra. They are loud, effeminate, and most of the time entertaining to see.

To see Phuket’s coveted ladyboys in action, you can visit Simon Cabaret on 8 Sirirat Rd, Tambon Patong, Amphoe Kathu, Chang Wat. The shows are extremely popular amongst locals and travellers alike, so you might want to book a ticket beforehand to avoid coming there and finding the tickets are sold out. In the show, talented ladyboys wear extravagant dresses and perform admirably. The ticket price is also available at S$35, including pick-up.

4. Dine in a romantic place

If your trip purpose to Thailand is for a honeymoon, finding one of those Phuket hotels with a terrific beach view is a must! You might also want to enjoy dinner with romantic ambience at least once within your visit. Take your date to Mom Tri’s kitchen near Kata beach and enjoy a romantic dinner there. Located in Karon, Mueang, the restaurant is a part of Mom Tri’s villa and designed by Mom Luang Tridhosyuth Devakul, also known as Mom Tri, a descendant of King Mongkut Rama IV. It offers a delectable dish as well as great views facing the sea.

As part of the villa, the restaurant shares terrific scenery, making it a very good place for a romantic dinner. Watch the sunset while enjoying the food and casual talk, and make a good memory while you’re in it. For sure, it will be a memory treasured by both of you.

5. Watch Thailand’s special culture shows

FantaSea Resized Ever wondered why Thailand is so renowned for its elephant? You can find the answer at Phuket Fantasea. This night theme park offers a 4D cultural show with more than 400 elephants in store. The 70-minute extravaganza show perfectly shows Thailand’s culture prowess. Located in 99 Kamala, Kathu District, Phuket, the theme park is easy to reach, and some hotels in patong Phuket even offer shuttle services from and to the theme park.

Aside from the culture shows, the large theme park also houses a restaurant with 4,000 seats, delectable Thailand and western menu selection. In this 140-acre wide park, you can also buy handicrafts and play various games. The park literally has everything for every age, so it is a perfect night time entertainment if you bring your friends and family over.

6. Rave to the live music shows

Live music Resized Like a classic rock or heavy metal? Patong street will be your paradise. The bars there often hold the live rock, and metal performances with some of the best Thailand talents perform there sometimes. The songs performed there are not specifically Thai, they also play western songs often to make a more interesting performance. If you find that the live performance in one bar not to your cup of cake, you can always hop to another bar, knowing full well that no matter where you go, you can always be entertained.

To start, you can go to Hard Rock Café Phuket, the third instalment of Hard Rock Café franchise after Hard Rock Café Pattaya and Bangkok. The café offers Tex-Mex delicacies as well as live performances from various bands every night from 20:00 till drop. You can also purchase merchandise there to prove that you have visited Hard Rock Café Phuket—something to brag in your circle of friends!

7. Give Thai boxing a try

Muay Thai Resized Have you ever heard about Muay Thai? Muay Thai is Thailand’s most famous martial arts, which you can try when you visit Thailand. As always, safety precautions apply: you are not a professional, so don’t go overboard when trying this martial art. Fortunately, the pros are understanding and will help you to know the ropes as you begin trying Muay Thai. If trying the martial art itself is a bit too much for you, you can simply go back to the bench and watch the pros do their job.

To try Muay Thai, you can visit Bangla boxing stadium, where locals and travellers flock every night to get their martial arts visit. The tickets are sold online, so you are advised to book one to avoid getting there empty-handed and finding yourself unable to get the ticket. You can also visit Patong boxing stadium which offers a similar experience. Just as for Bangla boxing stadium, the tickets for Patong boxing stadium are also sold online.

Now, with these exciting things to do, a trip to Phuket will surely be a memorable one. Don’t forget to find and book the best Phuket hotels in advance to get the best deals. Also, whether you pick luxury of cheap hotels in Phuket, be sure to stay near the city centre where all the fun attractions are within a short reach.

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