7 Phu Quoc Hotels To Allow You Enjoy The Amazing Beaches


Published on 05 Sep 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

7 Phu Quoc Hotels To Allow You Enjoy The Amazing Beaches


Published on 05 Sep 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

Phu Quoc has some of the world's most beautiful beaches. By staying at one of these 7 hotels, you won't miss out on exploring nice beach activities.

It’s inevitable how much people are drawn to beaches. The beautiful sands, the sound of the waves, and the roaring blue sky are just some of the most exceptional quality you can find there. Will you be surprised to know that there is a neurological approach to our attraction for the ocean?

As cited by Intrepid Travel, the story goes back to when we all once were homo sapiens. Turn out the intelligence that we have now may have been affected by the fact that homo sapiens used to live and survive by the beach shores. They learned to dive and hunt for seafood, and we all know what’s best about them: their rich omega content that contributes to brain improvement!

Scientific and history aside, it seems that we have always been close and familiar to the sea. Hence, no need to worry if you fancy going to the beach very much! We suggest your next trip to be Phu Quoc, a not-so-hidden paradise in Vietnam since more and more people have discovered its unspoiled and gorgeous quality. Vietnam News records a rise of rapid tourism growth up to 760,000 or 37% from 2017. Previously, it included more than 360,000 foreign visitors or up to 72 per cent. How’s the number now?

Again, statistics aside, you can find out and see for yourself why this island is trending among travellers. Oh, and because you love beaches, satisfy your travel soul by booking one of these Phu Quoc hotels by the beach. It’s time to wake up beside the vast ocean!

1. Sol Beach House Phu Quoc

Meet the first beach on this list, Phu Quoc Long Beach or Bai Truong: a 20km coastal area on Phu Quoc Island. The famous shore is ripe with beachfront restaurants and resorts all witnessing sunset beauty under green palm trees and above soft sands at the beginning of each day. You can navigate around on foot or by renting two-wheel transportation to discover pearl or pepper farms and traditional fishing villages.

As one of the best Phu Quoc hotels, Sol Beach House Phu Quoc accommodates every admirer of the beach with top-rated services, hospitality, and amenities. The tropical hotel operates three buildings with a total of 284 chic guest rooms.

Complete your evening by chilling out near the pool bar or on colourful hammocks while watching the sun go down. Dining in this hotel spoils you for choice with tons of local and international buffet or a-la-carte menu selection and garden views, and every last portion is sumptuous! Complete your night in the lively Shack Beach Bar that offers delicious freshly cooked food, gourmet snacks, healthy juices, and even alcoholic beverages.

Address: Zone 1, Duc Viet Tourist Area, Bai Truong Complex, Duong To, Phu Quoc Island 920000
Distance from Phu Quoc International Airport: About 6 km or 10 minutes by car
Room rate per night: S$124

2. Anja Beach Resort & Spa

One of many Phu Quoc hotels Vietnam worth looking on Long Beach includes Anja Beach Resort & Spa. Located in the Cua Lap area, this alluring accommodation is nestled within private gardens and private beach area in Duong To. The resort provides swimming pools and a restaurant named Sim Bar with a comprehensive option of buffet and a la carte. The night market is only 5-7 minute away.

If you want other dining options, you can always walk up the road to various eating establishments and bars. Nonetheless, this resort is also pretty new on the market (completed in 2017), so the rooms and overall area are still immaculate and well maintained. The rooms already include a flat-screen TV, a private bathroom and bathtub.

Address: Tran Hung Dao, Ap Cua Lap | Cua Lap, Duong To Commune, Duong Dong, Phu Quoc Island 920000
Distance from Phu Quoc International Airport: About 6 km or 10 minutes by car
Room rate per night: S$174

3. Camia Resort & Spa

Anyone who adores private ambience without losing an elegant touch will love Ong Lang Beach. There’s a small handful of beach resorts here, and the beach possesses thick natural forest and a series of short stretches of sand. This beach screams privacy aloud to its visitor. Are you one of the seekers?

As one of the best hotels in Phu Quoc, Camia Resort & Spa provides 35 villas to ensure you have an impressive and exciting relaxation. The hotel also boasts a concept of staying Green by using natural light during the day, natural air circulation and fans, and hot water heated through solar power.

Enjoy complimentary sports activities like bicycles and kayak, room service, and tours organised for guests. A buffet or a la carte dining serves various Asian, local, and Vietnamese cuisines with extraordinary taste accompanied by a beautiful voice of talented singers. There are also two outdoor pools: one in the centre of the resort and the other near the beach bar facing the Gulf of Thailand.

Within walking distance, you can find enough bars and restaurants. This hotel is also among the list of Phu Quoc hotels for families to spend relaxing quality time together. Staying here allows your soul to be surrounded by Mother Nature at its best.

Address: Lot 3, Cua Duong Ward, Ong Lang, Phu Quoc Island 920000
Distance from Phu Quoc International Airport: About 21 km or 32 minutes by car
Room rate per night: S$143

4. Sea Sense Resort

As another resort standing on Ong Lang Beach, Sea Sense Resort delights every guest with a breath-taking view of Thailand Gulf. You can capture the moment from one of their 55 spacious beachfront bungalows. Standing on the 10-acre landscaped tropical forest, this hotel also offers high-class dining, a super relaxing spa, and a swimming pool facing the sea. With attention-to-detail service and hospitality, the resort pampers the guests with its fantastic spot in the centre of a forest yet only ten steps to the shore.

The resort's restaurants have received excellent reviews, which include Sunset Restaurant and Sunrise Restaurant. These restaurants allow the guests to embrace the fresh open air while enjoying their European, Asian, and Vietnamese cuisines. There’s also Beach Bar that serves drinks consisting of shakes, tropical fruit juice, wines, and cocktails. Heading into the village requires around 15-20 minutes only. The beach is clean and provides sunbeds, hammocks, and swings.

Address: Ong Lang Hamlet, Ong Lang Beach, Phu Quoc Island 920000
Distance from Phu Quoc International Airport: About 22 km or 35 minutes by car
Room rate per night: S$96

5. Peppercorn Beach Resort

Another beach that should be on your destinations in Phu Quoc is Ganh Dau Beach that’s bound the east by Rach Tram and on the west by Cape Ganh Dau. Famous for its revolutionary past, Ganh Dau refers to its shrine dedicated to Nguyen Trung Truc, a Vietnamese fisherman turned respected hero and patriot. Ganh Dau is locally famous for its nuoc mam (fish sauce) factories as well.

One notable Phu Quoc hotel in this beach is Peppercorn Beach Resort, a family-run boutique resort since 15 years ago. This accommodation offers a truly exceptional experience, just a few steps from a serene and almost uninhabited beach with breath-taking island views. Many guests regard the place as an excellent value for money because they can enjoy 5-star hotel amenities at 3-star hotel rates. Every room animates your desire to wake up with sunrise at the doorstep.

The cosy hotel cares about the environment by using bamboo straws and removing any plastic toiletries. Get your meals from their open plan kitchen that sits alongside the restaurant to allow guests to immerse in every cooking process. Their excellent food incorporates freshest locally sourced ingredients featuring authentic Vietnamese home-cooking and a small selection of international dishes.

Address: To 8, Ap Chuong Vich, Ganh Dau, Phu Quoc Island
Distance from Phu Quoc International Airport: About 39 km or 58 minutes by car
Room rate per night: S$167

6. Fusion Resort Phu Quoc

Another beach worth visiting is Vung Bau Beach in the northwest of the island. As one of the last remnants of ‘old’ Phu Quoc, this beach is picturesque due to its sapphire-coloured waters of the Gulf of Thailand. This beach has been cleaned and developed to boost its natural value more. Few people are visiting this hidden paradise, so this is totally for you if you want peace and privacy. Where else in Phu Quoc will you find a beach all for yourself?

Fusion Resort Phu Quoc Article Photo Business 1 Resized Source: Fusion Resort Phu Quoc

One of many Phu Quoc hotels on the beach is Fusion Resort Phu Quoc. Since its launch in 2008, the brand Fusion has become a leading innovator of wellness-inspired hotels and resorts in Southeast Asia. In Fusion Resort Phu Quoc, they offer secluded gardens and private pools overlooking the insane beach and riverfront views.

Fusion Resort Phu Quoc Article Photo Business 2 Resized Source: Fusion Resort Phu Quoc

With a concept of “breakfast anywhere, anytime,” Fusion Resort Phu Quoc proposes extensive dining options from local to the international buffet. It's free to enjoy your meal inside your villa, by the pool or even down on the beach. On the other hand, Fusion’s famous “all-spa inclusive” concept is something you won’t find anywhere else. Considering how famous the pepper from Phu Quoc is, the serene spa facility was therefore built around its very own pepper garden. The place contains numerous pepper orchids and other tropical herbs and spices that sometimes are combined into treatments.

Fusion Resort Phu Quoc Article Photo Business 3 Resized Source: Fusion Resort Phu Quoc

Address: Vung Bau Beach, Cua Can Ward, Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam
Distance from Phu Quoc International Airport: About 32 km or 50 minutes by car
Room rate per night: S$341

7. Wild Beach Phu Quoc Resort

The welcoming Wild Beach Phu Quoc Resort also stands proudly on the tranquil and pristine beach of Vung Bau. This resort gives you a place to unwind and get away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. With roomy and comfortable bungalows, the resort also provides a restaurant that serves delicious and affordable dishes along with the friendly staff.

You can take free canoes for a paddle and then relax in beach chairs and hammocks. Feel free to rent a motorcycle and brave the traffic to explore the rest of the island. After snorkelling or scuba diving, complete your day with Sunset BBQ and fishing squid at night. Most of the time, you’ll feel like you own this beach since it’s so private and peaceful.

Address: Vung Bau Beach, Cua Can Ward, Cua Can, Phu Quoc Island 920000
Distance from Phu Quoc International Airport: About 31 km or 48 minutes by car
Room rate per night: S$111

We hope that these 7 Phu Quoc hotels and resorts on the island beaches will give you lots of information for your travel research! Wherever you choose to stay, remember that your convenience and preference matter the most. Live out your trip in Phu Quoc as fun as you can!

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