7 Principles for Solo Travelers When Choosing Phuket Hotels


Published on 27 Aug 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

7 Principles for Solo Travelers When Choosing Phuket Hotels


Published on 27 Aug 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

Searching for Phuket hotels can be a challenging task for solo travellers. Check out these 7 principles to get you started (and to get rid of that headache) now.

We all need that chance to unwind and relax after a tiring semester of study or a long year from working. With tons of destinations outside our home, we have a broad range of options about where the next journey takes us. If so, why not try Phuket?

As the most famous island in Thailand, Phuket is many things and sounds like a total paradise. If you place a gorgeous beach and exotic island exploration on top of your trip priority list, Phuket fits all the boxes. As stated by The Nation Thailand, the occupancy of Phuket hotels near the beach alone has 85 per cent rate in 2018, and this number is still rising. Imagine how the statistic will read for the whole island.

Now that you’ve made up your decision to set out to Phuket, who will you take along? If you’re also ready to wander solo, you’re more than willing to embrace Phuket and join other millions of solo travellers out there. But first, you need to determine where to stay during the trip. Here are 7 essential principles in choosing the most suitable Phuket hotels that you should consider whenever you do solo travel to Phuket later.

1. Budget the Hotel Room Reservation

Budget the hotel room reservation Resized Undoubtedly, your solo trip should be as affordable as possible without abandoning your need to disconnect from the busy world for a while. Yes, solo travelling can be great since no one will limit your movements and choices. Every expense is entirely spent on one person a.k.a. yourself. However, if you're getting too loose, there's a chance you'll encounter a profound loss on your bank account once the trip ends.

Finding cheap hotels in Phuket works in a completely subjective way because everyone's preference is different. Always strive to put brackets on your budget for the hotel reservation. This way, you have an invisible limit that controls you from getting tempted to book more expensive accommodation yet with just average benefits. Doing this is a must if you're going to stay in several hotels during the trip.

For example, you can set your budget for a hotel room with a rate of S$50 already covering hot water, Internet, and breakfast with a free cancellation policy. You'll be surprised to see how many best Phuket hotels for singles are even below that number!

2. Get Initial Picture for the Room and Overall Building

Get initial picture for the room Resized Surf the Internet to start your hotel search, and grab a clear picture for ones you're targeting. Is the standard room wide enough to put your luggage and for you to walk around? Are there options to get a view of the city, park, or beach? Is the bed size smaller than your body, and is a hairdryer provided? Paying less doesn't mean you have to suffer when you rest. If the room is not up to your standard, feel free to check other options.

After evaluating the room, inspect the pictures of the hotel building and gather the information. How many floors are there? How is the condition of the halls and corridors? Are elevators provided if you're bringing quite a lot of bags?

You can always go a bit further with your research by reading the news about Phuket hotels. If you discover a piece of positive press information, that hotel might have charmed their guests and visitors with marvellous service.

3. Inspect the Hotel Amenities

Inspect hotel amenities Resized Since solo travel is just so flexible, you may expect yourself to arrive at the hotel later than the check-in hour. Even if you're sure you can avoid this, it's better to book a hotel with 24-hour reception rather than spending the night feeling completely unsafe. Be suspicious if the hotel doesn't have a concierge, security post, or person in charge that you can contact for any emergency. If you're bringing valuable stuff with you, make sure there is a safe in the room you're going to book. Always prefer a hotel with keycards to access the guest room, so nobody else can enter yours.

Try to opt for Phuket hotels with an airport transfer on your first day to ensure you get to the hotel safely, even if you have to pay again. Should there be other amenities like a private pool, gym, or minibar, confirm first whether there is an additional fee. In short, tailor your needs and decide which amenity is more important to you.

One trick to boost your safety more is to locate the availability of a room near the elevator or fire alarm. Choosing a second or third floor is also workable as it's neither too high nor too low. The closer you are to these, the more you can act faster when anything unwanted happens.

4. Scan the Hotel Location and Its Surrounding

Scan the hotel location Resized The hotel location is the next determining factor for you to observe the distances to your itinerary list, public facilities, and transportation points (e.g. the airport, train station, or port). You don't want to get a super affordable hotel yet located in a vague address or too inaccessible from those places.

Allocate your time to do research and comparison between several Phuket hotels and their locations firsthand. Familiarize yourself with Phuket before the trip by befriending Google Maps and the hotel websites. Good hotels provide information on where and how to reach places like hospitals, police stations, convenient stores, moneychangers, etc. Since you're going solo, you have no choice but to always watch your six. It's better to stay in a hotel with easy access to everywhere rather than in one that's not.

You can use the flexibility of solo travelling to divide the itinerary per location. For instance, explore the hotels in Phuket near Patong beach and book one for your second and third night of the trip. Patong beach is trendy, so the chances are that you feel less secluded and have convenient access to lots of public facilities. After the lively Patong, you may want to expand your trip to Wichit in Mueang Phuket District. Among your must-visit places for the next few days, there's the much more remote and quieter Ao Yon beach that allows you to feel more "local".

Since this beach is pretty isolated and not as famous as Patong beach, finding hotels that fit all these checklists and principles maybe a little bit harder. If this happens, you don't need to force yourself to book a hotel near Ao Yon beach. Try to book one in the district centre and arrange for one full-day tour to the beach instead. This way, you can also save effort in moving your luggage several times. The only thing that is left is to enjoy a stroll and get kissed by the sun!

5. Check for Hotel Room Discounts, Deals or Offers

Check for hotel room discounts Resized All right, got the room and hotel you need? You can book it before someone else snatches, but the word "cheap" can still translate into room rate deals or offers. It means that you can reduce more expenses for the trip accommodation! To be able to get this, you can start by signing up yourself for price alerts on the websites of Phuket hotels or third-party bookings. They will notify you through email when the rates drop or if there are any upcoming offers.

Some hotels have a membership program with exciting rewards or discounts for their members. Try to register yourself to see whether you can acquire the benefits!

6. Set the Vacation Period

Set the vacation period Resized With millions of tourists visiting Phuket every year, you can expect for the place to always be crowded. Some particular time may be busier though, such as school holiday season when children are on break. Other boisterous days include wintertime in 4-season countries where their residents wish to escape the coldness of winter by travelling to a tropical sanctuary.

During peak seasons, you can see the rate of Phuket resorts spiking up. Sometimes, even after you apply a coupon code, the price can still be cruel for solo travellers. If you want to save more, you can take the trip outside these times. If it's not doable, try the trick of booking the room hotel as early as possible. Usually, there are lots of early bird promo, in two or three weeks prior.

FYI, the weather is traditionally humid and sunny from November to April in Phuket. The rest of the year is commonly full of the rainy monsoon season. You can also use this information to determine your vacation period.

7. Join Travel Communities

Join travel communities Resized Many travel platforms such as WorldRoamer® are becoming “go-to” sites for travellers around the world. They are unbelievably practical and insightful for every travel-geek soul to reach out online and share their travel experience. Take this chance to look over the reviews and photos provided by the previous guests who have booked the Phuket hotels before you. Furthermore, their itineraries and selection of destinations could inspire you! You can follow their advice and get helpful tips and recommendations about the best hotels in Phuket for solo travellers.

That's all the principles and tips you can adopt for finding the best and affordable Phuket hotels before saying hello to Phuket on your upcoming trip! Bear in mind that these points are only here to guide, and your preference is still the vital factor. Get ready for that pleasant hotel stay!

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