7 Things Adventurers Will Do While Staying in Da Nang Hotels


Published on 01 Aug 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

7 Things Adventurers Will Do While Staying in Da Nang Hotels


Published on 01 Aug 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

Staying in Da Nang hotels and enjoying the service is one way to enjoy your holiday, but if you are a true adventurer, you are going to do these activities.

Da Nang may not be as popular as its neighbouring cities like Hoi An and Hue. It all comes down to the few cultural attractions it has to offer despite being one of the largest cities in Vietnam. It is also the most important port city in Vietnam, as well as known as the commercial and educational centre of this country. As a port city, there is no need to question how wonderful its nature is. In fact, you will easily find panoramic views here and there when you spend your days in Da Nang hotels.

Da Nang boasts some of the best hotel views you can find in Vietnam, thanks to its diverse landscape. It has everything you need to see from the majestic mountains, beautiful rivers, to stunning beaches. In fact, Da Nang hotels on the beach are among the most worth-staying hotels in Vietnam. As the cleanest city in the country, you will be astonished by the pristine blue beaches and impressive mountains.

Better still, Da Nang is the right place to go if you are craving for seafood. As a coastal city, Da Nang offers palatable seafood where everything is freshly caught and seasoned with local herbs and condiments. For the ultimate experience, do eat the seafood while enjoying the scenic beach view.

Best Adventurous Activities in Da Nang

Staycation in a luxurious and beautiful Da Nang hotels is a great alternative to spend your holiday. Enjoying the sunset and coconut coffee by the beach, or relaxing in a hotel spa will surely rejuvenate your soul. However, if you are more of an adventurous spirit, it’s best to go out and explore the stunning city of Da Nang. Here are 7 recommended activities you can do during your stay in this beautiful port city.

1. Explore the Marble Mountains

2. Marble Mountains Resized In Vietnamese, this mountain is called Ngu Hanh Son, literally means Five Elements Mountains. The name is derived from the five marble and limestone hills that shape this mountain. Visiting this mountain has become one of the best activities to do in Vietnam, but it is certainly not for the weak. The hike itself can take up to 4 hours! But if you feel that it is not challenging enough, you can climb to reach the summit and get rewarded with the spectacular view of Da Nang City.

The Marble Mountain has a lot of caves, and many of them hold secrets from the past. In fact, you will be able to see bullet holes in many of these caves. In the past, soldiers use this place as a shelter as well as a place of worship. That is why you will find pagoda temples around the mountain.

Start your hike in the morning because, during the day, the weather can be too hot. Be sure to bring your hat and don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes.

2. Go Through the Rainforest of Son Tra Peninsula

3. Rainforest of Son Tra Peninsula Resized Son Tra is a vast rainforest with an area of 4,000 hectares overlooking the open sea. This wonderful National Park is 693 meters above sea level, with several spots where you can see the breath-taking forest and the blue sea from the top. Son Tra is a popular destination for hiking and motorcycling. So, if you love riding a motorcycle, it’s a great idea to explore the forest on the newly built road.

But mind the speed! While riding the motorcycle, be sure to take time to watch your surroundings because you may see a glimpse of rare red monkeys among the trees. Another popular spot to visit in Son Tra is the Linh Ung Pagoda where you can see the tallest Goddess of Mercy statue. Hiking or motorcycling to the top of this National Park may be tough, but you will be rewarded with stunning panoramic views.

3. Ride Motorcycle Through the Hai Van Pass

4. Hai Van Pass Resized Ever since the Hai Van Pass was featured in the famous international TV show called Top Gear in 2008, it has become one of the most visited places in Da Nang. Hai Van Pass has been deemed as the most stunning coastal drives in the world. So, if you like a leisure drive, you should definitely come visit, either with a motorbike or a car.

The 21 km mountain route offers a scenic blue ocean view with a lush green forest around the road. It only takes about 45 minutes to 1-hour ride from the entrance to the final stop. But, do take your time and stop once in a while to enjoy the beautiful view.

If you are planning to go back to Da Nang on the same day, start your trip early in the morning. Although it only takes around 1 hour to drive, it’s highly possible you spend so much more time being astonished by the view. You can rent a motorcycle or join a tour company.

4. Snorkel Around Cham Island

5. Cham Islands Resized Da Nang is also known for its stunning beaches, sea, islands, and underwater scenery. To go snorkel, head to Cham Island located not too far from the coast of Da Nang. The place might not be that popular, but the marine life is beautiful. You can also enjoy the nice seafood lunch by the sea.

Don’t worry about the price tag since you can enjoy day snorkeling with only around US$40, and US$44 if you also wants to try diving. This cost also covers hotel pick up, lunch, and snacks. But if one day is not enough for you. Take the 2 days Cham Island trip for only US$60.

5. Visit the My Son Sanctuary

6. My Son Sanctuary Resized If you love ancient culture and historical sites, you are going to love My Son Sanctuary. Between the 4th and 13th centuries, it was part of an important city of Champa Kingdom.

This World Heritage Site was the place where the Champa Kingdom held their political and religious activities. Today, you can see the amazing remnants of the building and sculpture that showcase how great the Champa Kingdom was in the past.

The ancient architecture showcases the great architecture of the Champa Kingdom. You can also see traditional dance performances by Champa artists. Join a tour to explore this site and get enamoured to the history and culture of the old Champa. The tour usually costs approximately 200 to 700 Dong, and it takes around 5 hours.

6. Explore Da Nang Fresco Village

7. Artsy Nguyen Van Linh Street Resized For a more urban adventure, Da Nang Fresco Village, which is located on Nguyen Van Linh Street, is the right place to go. Along the alleyway of this street in Hai Chau District, vibrant paintings on the walls can be seen. Local artists painted these walls with beautiful images and murals, ranging from the classic scenery of Vietnam, the rare red monkeys, to more modern images.

7. Soak Up the Sun in the Secret Beaches

8. Secret Beaches Resized Hiking the Son Tra Mountains will take you to pristine and beautiful secret beaches. So, if you are up for an adventure, try hiking through the trails and find these secret beaches. Even the popular beaches are not that crowded, allowing you to enjoy a quiet and tranquil atmosphere.

Some of the best serene beaches here are the Tien Sa, Bai Rang, and Bai But, which offers calm waters and golden sand. You can stay in this beaches for a while, but you have to prepare around VND 25,000 or US$2 per person. Also, don’t forget to buy a drink at the bar on beach in order for you to be able to stay.

Staying in Da Nang

9. Staying in Danang Resized To explore all the recommended adventures, you are going to need at least a couple of days. But don’t worry, there are a lot of great Danang hotels that you can book for your stay. You can choose affordable hotels or fancier accommodation like Da Nang hotels on the beach. This type of hotel will give you free access to the beach and the panoramic view all day long.

No matter how adventurous you are, we are not recommending you to visit Da Nang without preparation. Indeed, Da Nang is not one of the most popular cities, but there is still a possibility that Hotel Da Nang is fully booked. Therefore, it is best if you are booking hotel Da Nang in advance. Plan your trip and make a detailed itinerary so that you don’t get stranded in an unknown city, especially if it is going to be your first time.

It should not be that hard to find available hotels these days, thanks to hotel bookings apps such as WorldRoamer. You can choose where you are going to stay, check out the facilities they have, and even book on the day you of your arrival in the city. With detailed information about the hotel, it is easy to make sure that you will only get a decent hotel with decent facilities and services. After all, it is one of the most important things to consider when you are looking for a hotel to stay in.

With so many adventures waiting in Da Nang, you will not get bored during your holiday in the port city. Enjoyable and adventurous activities, coupled with the best Da Nang hotels to stay, will give you the ultimate holiday in Vietnam. So, pack your bag immediately and go visit Da Nang!

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