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9 Best Hotel Booking Sites to Compare Prices


Published on 11 Jul 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

9 Best Hotel Booking Sites to Compare Prices


Published on 11 Jul 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

Are you thinking of booking hotel rooms in your vacation? Take advantage of these 9 best hotels booking sites to compare prices quickly and practically.

The activity of booking hotel rooms increases rapidly from year to year. It is certainly influenced by the fact that more people travel now, both to domestic and international destinations. According to data released by Statista, a German digital research company, user penetration at the hotel booking segment globally raised from 641.15 million U.S. dollars in 2018 to 692.05 million U.S. dollars in 2019.

In addition to this, the popularity of online hotel booking services has also skyrocketed because it is considered more practical and provides convenience. But still, you need to consider carefully - when looking for your ideal hotel.

It would be better if you find out in advance which sites give the best hotel deals and how credible their reputation is. That way, you won't buy a pig in a poke. Finding affordable hotel rates are also needed so that your travel budget doesn't swell.

For this reason, forget conventional methods such as visiting hotel-owned sites one by one to check their room rates. With these nine best hotel booking sites, you can certainly shorten the search time and compare prices in one platform only. You die die must try!

1. Trivago

As one of the metasearch sites in the field of travelling, Trivago has carried out massive expansion in the Asia-Pacific region. The Southeast Asian market is also included in this German startup’s global development. It is not surprising considering that the Southeast Asian region does have a large tourism potential which continues to grow until now.

As a travel comparison site, Trivago does not provide hotel booking services. Instead, this site displays accommodation offers from various hotel booking sites. In this way, you can search and get various hotel offers in just one click or tap. Then, Trivago will direct you to the online hotel booking site that presents user-selected offers.

By using Trivago, the user can also filter the type of hotel based on its distance from tourist destinations, prices, and facilities. Plus, this site is further equipped with the View Deal feature, which will make it easier for you to do the booking hotel process. This feature has been integrated directly with the hotel's website or hotel booking sites that work with the accommodation.

2. Skyscanner

Known as one of the world-leading online travel search firms, Skyscanner has recorded a fantastic profit every year. According to data reported by Ctrip, the new owner of this Edinburgh-based company, Skyscanner has a surplus of around 600% year-over-year when entering the second quarter of 2018. This income growth comes from its direct booking plan.

Skyscanner's soaring popularity among travellers certainly cannot be separated from their various features. This travel platform provides search synchronisation that will make it easier for you to book hotel rooms and flights, or hire a car. This technology will save you time, of course, because you no longer need to enter destination data and periods repeatedly.

There is also a Fly Stay Save feature that will give you hotel discounts if you place an order along with a flight.

3. Wego

Wego has been downloaded more than 10 million times worldwide. This app is surely one of the travel comparison sites that you should consider. The Singapore-based travel search engine also offers more than 20 languages and has 52 country sites.

Furthermore, the filtering feature provided by Wego is very helpful in finding your ideal hotel. As for the Price option, you can choose from the lowest price, highest price, best discount, and biggest savings. Meanwhile, for the Guest Rating option, the reviews will be sorted based on solo, business, family, or couple travellers.

4. Expedia

Expedia allows you to choose and book diverse hotels around the world. This online travel agent offers more than 500,000 hotels, as well as 3,000+ tourist activities and attractions.

In this online travel booking site, you can read thousands of reviews from other travellers as well. Additional features such as a map, weather forecast, and 360-degree virtual tours in various hotels are included.

Additionally, since Mark D. Okerstrom became the CEO of the Expedia Group (replacing Dara Khosrowshahi), this travel service company is trying to expand its business by emphasising the local spirit to its customers. For instance, Expedia will use payment preferences that are popular in the area, such as using Alipay or WeChat with QR codes that are more familiar to Chinese travellers.

5. Agoda

This online travel company is part of the Priceline Group. Agoda continues to innovate by improving its features. When booking hotel rooms, for instance, you can choose four options: solo, family, group, and business travellers. For each of these options, you will get guidance on the number of rooms available.

Agoda also offers a loyalty program such as coupons or deals for the next booking, which is what you should pay attention to when making a hotel booking. The new loyalty program on this platform is called the Agoda Gift Cards, which will give cash back to you.

Unlike other loyalty programs that require you to accumulate several exchanged points, this Agoda Gift Card can be used directly. The more times you make a booking, the greater the value of the gift cards you get.

6. HotelsCombined

HotelsCombined is one of the travel search engines that offer many language choices. This hotel comparison site is run by Booking Holdings and offers more than 42 languages.

Founded in 2005, HotelsCombined will give you fast access to the best and cheapest hotels from around 2 million accommodations in 120,000 places worldwide. You can filter hotels by entering your preferred price, the stars or guest ratings, as well as the distance from the surrounding tourist destinations.

If you don't know the exact date you will travel, this site also provides the My Wishlist feature. So, you can mark any dream accommodation for your next trip. To check hotels that are offering promos or discounts, the Hot Deals feature is available too.

7. Kayak

KAYAK is a travel metasearch site under the auspices of Booking Holdings. Supporting 18 languages, this site offers a lot of convenience in the process of booking hotels and comparing prices. To keep innovating and expanding its business, KAYAK also provides a sophisticated flight and hotel booking app.

Through the KAYAK app or its official website, you can even compare hotel rates from hundreds of travel sites at once. This metasearch engine also ensures that you can focus on finding the best accommodation by providing some of the latest features. The Trips, for example, is a feature to organise all the travel information you have and arrange it in your itinerary later.

Moreover, KAYAK has add-ons called Flex Search. This feature allows you to set travel times with flexible dates. It also features Private Deals, so you can save more money when making a hotel booking or hiring a car.

8. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is a travel site owned by Liberty Media Corporation. This metasearch engine will give you more convenience in finding travel information as well as the best hotels and restaurants. It also provides an interactive forum for travellers.

Published in 2000, TripAdvisor not only offers online hotel booking facilities but also provides vacation recommendations. For those of you who want to plan a cost-effective itinerary, using this site can be a wise decision.

On top of that, TripAdvisor presents a feature, My Trips, to help you arrange some travel plans. With this feature, you can mark your dream destinations and schedule your visit on the calendar. You can also share your itinerary with your travel kaki via email or SMS. Then, your travel kaki can give further input about the destinations you both should visit.

9. Orbitz

Released in 2001, Orbitz is the daughter company of Expedia Group. This travel search engine provides various options for your travel convenience. From flight and cruise tickets, hotel bookings, to car hires, Orbitz places itself as a reliable travel kaki.

This travel site also offers some interesting features such as Orbitz Rewards, Insider Prices, and Last Minute Travel Deals. For the Orbitz Rewards feature, you will be included in three statuses, namely Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each has its benefits that you can use when booking a hotel.

For example, if you have Gold status — obtained by staying at least more than 4 times per year — its benefits are hotel perks, free breakfast, free WiFi access, and other types of rewards.

Additionally, Orbitz will give a 50% discount for those of you who use the Insider Prices feature when booking hotel rooms.

If you are looking for booking sites that offer many hotel options, these 9 best metasearch engines are the right choice. In addition to cooperating with many well-known hotel booking sites, they also provide great loyalty programs and the best deals for you.

Supporting features to help you plan a neat itinerary are available too. Sure, it will be easier to plan your next trip lah. So, immediately leave the old-fashioned way — visiting hotel websites one by one. It is certainly not practical. Moreover, this old method is alamak, stressful and tiring for sure.

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WorldRoamer® believes that booking hotel experience should be personal and transparent, and aims to be the best hotel booking website and app for all roamers.

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