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Baggage Rules - 10 Things To Pack That Will Save You Money


Published on 29 Mar 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

Baggage Rules - 10 Things To Pack That Will Save You Money


Published on 29 Mar 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

What & how to pack your travel luggage that is compliant with airlines baggage rules so that you can save money on unnecessary things? Here some of the tips.

10 Things to pack that will save you money

Bring the right travel gear with you and you’ll find that you won’t be spending unnecessary money. Best for those watching their wallets.

Luggage scale

This handy luggage scale will help you know your limits. They are very handy and small, and often weigh nothing. Before you decide to buy that ceramic vase, check how much your luggage already weighs, and you will avoid paying through your nose at the airport. Perhaps that ceramic vase is a steal, but you will kick yourself if you end up paying the price through overweight charges.


You know that bar of chocolate costs 3X what you’d pay for at the supermarket. If you are the peckish sort, bring your own (candy, crackers, nuts) and you can save some money.

Empty water bottle

Why pay for that overpriced mineral water bottle when you can eventually fill your bottle up at the cooler? To save space, opt for a squishy or foldable one.

Buy travel containers

Instead of paying for travel-sized shampoo or body wash every time you travel, why not just fill them up with the stuff you use at home? If you haven’t noticed, travel pack toiletries are pretty overpriced for their size.

E-reader / tablet

If you know you’ll need to fend off boredom at points during your trip, bring an e-reader, or a tablet loaded with movies. This discourages you from heading to the bookstore at the airport and grabbing that latest novel that doesn’t cost very little and could be bulky.

Instant food / drinks

Coffee might cost quite a bit in some countries, and you can easily deal with that if you pack some instant sachets. If you want to really save up or if food is really expensive, you can satisfy your hunger with instant cup noodles or even muesli bars.

Duct tape

Some unfortunate travellers get their luggages roughed up by baggage handlers. Instead of having to buy a new bag, use the duct tape to ‘patch’ things up. Duct tapes are also handy when keeping the straps of a backpack in place.

Compression sack

This is especially useful when you are travelling during winter. Your down jacket could be so nice and fluffy on you but you won’t appreciate it when stuffing it into your luggage because it simply takes too much space. Problem is solved when you put that into a compression sack where you can suck out all the excess air and save plenty of space. No one travels with a vacuum, but bags like these just require you to stuff the bag and roll it to expel the air inside. If you are staying in an AirBnb, you might be able to borrow a vacuum!

Travel laundry detergent

This saves you from using the laundry service when you want to reuse your clothes. It also comes in handy when you accidentally spill coffee or wine on yourself. Ones that fit in a pocket are like the Tide Stain Stick. If you haven't discovered Laundry Soap Sheets, you can be amazed now – they are carry-on compliant, not liquid, and biodegradable.

Universal travel adapter

Invest in one that you can bring along on every trip so that you’ll never need to buy an adapter in each country. Buy one that allows you to plug in a few USB cords. USB ports are universal but power sockets are not.

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