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Booking Hotels: 11 Simple Tips for Ultimate Trip Experience


Published on 12 Jul 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

Booking Hotels: 11 Simple Tips for Ultimate Trip Experience


Published on 12 Jul 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

How you book a hotel can affect your trip experience. With simple tips for booking hotels elaborated here, everyone can have the ultimate trip experience.

Having your holiday either on your own or with your family is always the best moment to wait for. For some, staying at home and organising BBQ plans with family and friends can be a meaningful activity. For others, going on a trip to visit some new places and staying there for some time is the best way to refresh after a busy time at work.

True travellers do not want to miss any chance to make their trip. The experienced ones will always make the best plan before having their shiok trip. Without good planning and well-prepared equipment, their trip may not be joyful, and can even be sian.

One of the popular things to do pre-trip that is considered important by a true traveller is booking hotels. Maybe, some people whose hobbies are not travelling consider hotel bookings simple and easy. In fact, it is not. While it is true that nowadays booking hotels can be done online from anywhere, there are some important steps that must be taken into account. On this good occasion, 12 simple tips are offered for those who want to chope their hotel before making their trip.

1. Search for your destination

Search for your destination Article Photo Canva Resized

Searching for trip destinations has been made easy these days, thanks to the broad availability of hotel booking websites. Even if you reside in a remote area, the internet is now quite easy to access. Online hotel bookings enable you to not only search for your destination, but also find out a very detailed explanation of the hotels located around your destination area.

Go to some popular websites such as Agoda, Trivago, and Kayak to find out more.

2. Find out information about the booking sites

Find out the information about the booking sites Article Photo Canva Resized

Knowing the booking sites before booking hotels can help you filter the best options. Each hotel booking website usually has its specialty, such as providing the best offer for particular types of travellers and certain destinations. Wotif, for instance, specialises in offering the best deals for family vacations and short-term journeys. Meanwhile, Agoda is so well-known for cheap hotel bookings in Asia.

To explore better room rates, you can have access to an “aggregator” site that compares the prices of hotels from different websites. You can also find some sites such as Roomer to check whether there are cancelled hotel rooms on offer which can be booked at only 80% of the price.

3. Filter your hotel results

Filter your hotel results Article Photo Canva Resized

When searching for hotels around your vacation destination area, it is highly recommended that you benefit from the filter. Booking hotels online is now a lot easier since you can activate the filtering tool. The filter helps you find the best result based on your preference. Otherwise, it will take a much longer time to seek the one that suits you.

Filtering allows you to select hotels on the basis of what you really like and feel comfortable about. For example, in the search bar, mention the type of accommodation you want, such as a hostel, room, apartment, aparthotel, and so on. Since you want to look for a hotel, type booking hotel in the search bar. It is suggested that you specify your search, for example, by adding “with 8+ review”. Hotels with more reviewers are always the better choice to book.

4. Sort with the lowest price first

Sort with the lowest price first Article Photo Canva Resized

After setting up the filters, it is important to sort the search results from the lowest price. While it is true that in most cases, booking hotels with a very low price will result in low-quality hotels, it is also worth remembering that many good hotels sometimes offer a discount at unpredictable times. Hence, the lower price does not always mean lower quality. If you can get a good hotel at a lower price, you can save more money for other travel expenses.

5. Free cancellation policy

Free cancellation policy Article Photo Canva Resized

Ensuring the hotel offers free cancellation is no less important. Although you have planned your trip well, the future is always unpredictable. Something wrong may happen a few days or even a few hours before your departure. All of a sudden, you may change your decision to visit another part of the city or maybe even cancel the entire vacation. Therefore, it is very beneficial that you book a hotel which allows free cancellation prior to your arrival.

6. Check the hotel location

Check the hotel location Article Photo Canva Resized

Make sure you check the exact location before you book your hotel. Everyone always looks for a hotel in a great location. The best hotel location varies, depending very much on individuals. For those who want to enjoy the crowd of the city, booking hotels around the city centre can be the best choice since there is easy access to every place.

In most cases, the cheaper hotels are located somewhat away from the centre of the city. If this is your choice, it is highly recommended that you ensure you'll have easy access to public transportation. If there is no bus or train station nearby, there should be other alternatives, such as taxi, uber, or local transportation—Tuk Tuk, rickshaw, jeepney, etc. Or else, be sure that the attractions are a short walking distance away—no more than 25 minutes to reach. You don’t want to spend too much energy walking to get there, do you?

7. Know all room options

Know all room options Article Photo Canva Resized

Checking out the available rooms is also a must if you want to ensure comfort during your stay in your destination. We recommend that you get detailed information about the room and, if possible, ask for pictures as well. This way, you can choose the type of rooms that suit you.

8. Open New Tabs for all hotel options

Open New Tabs for all hotel options Article Photo Canva Resized

For some, maybe this is not too important. However, for those who are looking for the best choice, this is highly recommended. When searching for the hotel you want to book, right-click each hotel that attracts you. It is okay to have them all in new tabs. This way, you can analyse them one by one more easily. For example, you can close the one with a price more than your budget. The search is not over yet since there are still many other choices to consider.

9. Benefit from TripAdvisor

Benefit from TripAdvisor Article Photo Canva Resized

After finding the hotel that suits you and is located in the right place with the lowest price, it’s best to double check the hotel name on TripAdvisor too. Although the review on one website shows more than 4 stars, it may be different on the others. Therefore, it is good to check the hotel name via any medium. You will find many honest reviewers on TripAdvisor that will help you get more information about the hotel you are looking for.

10. Call the hotel

Call the hotel Article Photo Canva Resized

Although you have checked out all the detailed information on the websites, calling the hotel will give you more confidence to book the hotel. You can ask them your concerns and your needs. Although you already know the hotel facilities, it is good to ensure all the information.

For example, if you want to make many phone calls to your family, you may ask about free local call services or the average price for long-distance calls. Or you may want to know about the cleanliness and the size of the rooms and whether they provide breakfast or not.

11. Investigate the hidden fees

Investigate the hidden fees Article Photo Canva Resized

Many people get disappointed with the hidden fees after booking hotels. Not knowing there is an additional fee to pay will negatively affect your budget. Imagine that the money you have prepared for shopping will be used for other needs beyond your plan. Hotel booking websites do not usually require fees, but there are other things that may charge fees, such as resort fees and cleaning service fees.

12. Use apps whenever possible

Use apps whenever possible Article Photo Canva Resized

There are some advantages you can gain by booking hotels via hotel booking apps. Firstly, you can potentially have access to discounts that are not available on their websites. Some hotel booking sites offer the scheme of unofficial loyalty. For example, Expedia provides double rewards points when you book a hotel via its app. Secondly, some handy features such as offline maps, online check-in, and book on the go allow easier ways for people to book their hotel.

Going on a holiday is one of the best ways to recharge yourself. However, the trip can potentially turn out to be disastrous if it is not prepared well. Among the most important preparations to take into consideration is to choose a comfortable accommodation to stay. Besides its comfort, accommodation should also be budget-friendly.

Booking hotels is always the best choice for those who are kiasu about a perfect vacation during their trip. However, the booking process itself is quite complicated for those who are not experienced. If you are still an amateur traveller or an experienced one but still face difficulty in booking hotels, these 12 simple tips explained above are the best solution. Have a shiok trip!

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