Best Outdoor Activities in Singapore You HAVE To Try!


Published on 10 Sep 2021

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

It’s always great to soak up some much-needed VItamin D and stay active during our prolonged WFH sitch. Instead of being cooped up in your room, why not take advantage of Singapore’s tropical weather and head outside? From high up in the skies to skimming the seas, here are 5 exciting outdoor activities in Singapore you HAVE to try!

PS: Don’t forget your sunscreen! ☀️

1. Water Bike

Waterbike Singapore

Source: WaterBike Singapore

Looking for an exciting new water adventure? Try Singapore’s first ever water biking service, launching on 2 October 2021. As the name suggests, water biking is just like riding a regular bike, except... on water! It’s suitable for all ages and can go up to speeds of 15km/h. It’s innovative, safe, easy to ride and you don’t even have to worry about getting wet!

Address: Space @ Tampines, #03-03, S528605 Price: Start from $30 rental for 1h

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2. Skyline Luge

Skyline Luge Sentosa

Source: Skyline Luge Instagram

Hop into the driver seat of a uniquely designed 3-wheeled luge cart and let gravity take you on a ride. Invented in New Zealand over 35 years ago, Skyline Luge is a well-loved activity by millions of people of all ages and abilities. Take full control of your speed, as you race down 4 purpose-built tracks with hairpin corners, exhilarating tunnels and downhill slopes through a mystical forest that lights up after sundown, much like Mario Kart irl!

Address: Sentosa, 45 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa, S099003 Price: Start from $22.50 for 2 Luges and Skyrides

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3. MegaZip at Mega Adventure Park

MegaZip updated

Source: Mega Adventure Singapore

Soar through the skies on a trio of ziplines at Mega Adventure Park’s most popular attraction, MegaZip! This 450m zipline goes up to speeds of 60km/h and takes you on an incredible ride with friends on three side-by-side lines, offering incredible views of the lush Sentosa jungle, picturesque beaches and even the larger South China Sea.

Address: Sentosa, 10A Siloso Beach Walk, S099008 Price: Start from $55 per ride

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4. Bungee Jump at AJ Hackett, Sentosa

AJ hackett bungee

Source: Sky Park Sentosa Instagram

Take a leap off Singapore’s only bungee tower from 47m above and be rewarded with a thrilling drop of a lifetime. Feel the adrenaline rush as you experience free-fall and flying upwards as the cords recoil and continue to oscillate. Jumpers may also choose to take a dip in the 3.5m pool located at the foot of the tower and have their experience captured 360° on video, with 16 HD cameras installed around the area to capture every possible angle.

Address: Sentosa, 30 Siloso Beach Walk, S099011 Price: Start from $79 per jump

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5. Hydrodash


Source: Hydodash Instagram

Get ready to climb, slide, leap and bounce your way through Hydrodash, Singapore’s very first floating Aqua Park. Challenge friends, family and loved ones around this thrill-seeking obstacle course as you leap off a 3m tall springboard, sliding off the action tower and many more! Put on your swimsuit and let the tumbling funs begin!

Address: Sentosa, Palawan Beach, S098498 Price: Start from $18 per adult for 1h

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