Explore Tokyo by Staying in These 7 Easy to Reach Hotels


Published on 04 Nov 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

Explore Tokyo by Staying in These 7 Easy to Reach Hotels


Published on 04 Nov 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

The subway is one of Tokyo's convenient transport options. Read on for 7 great accommodation options not far from a station to get the most out of your stay.

When you think about Japan, the first city that comes to mind is Tokyo. Boasting the perfect combination of modernity and historical landmarks, this metropolitan area has much to offer. Tokyo is divided into 23 wards, each with varying population densities, unique charm and tourist attractions. Thankfully, the public transportation options throughout Tokyo are easy to navigate, making it much easier for you to explore the metropolitan area.

One of Japan's staple modes of public transport is the subway: operated by local transport giant Japan Railways (JR), first-time travellers can find this experience extremely daunting due to its numerous branching lines and language barriers. However, once you master it with either research of experience, you will be able to comprehend how this is one of Japan's, and possibly the world's, most efficient and time-saving transportation ever.

Before even taking the train in Japan, one must be familiar with the different types of trains and the routes they serve: Kakueki-teisha or local trains will stop at every station, while kaisoku trains stop only at designated stations, and kyuko trains stop at select stations than kaisoku trains to save time, tokkyu trains stop at major stations only, while the shinkansen or bullet trains, operate on a track separate from normal trains.

Once you've nailed down your destination and how you're going to get there, head to the station to purchase tickets. To take the subway more efficiently, you can buy either Suica or Icoca cards, which are accepted as payment almost everywhere in Japan. Depending on which train option you pick, you might have to pay extra on top of your regular train fare, such as the tokkyu or shinkansen.

If you are curious about the train system in Japan and want to try exploring Tokyo via it, there are various Tokyo hotels that are located near the station. This article will provide some recommendations for you to choose from. All the mentioned Tokyo hotels near train station here are within walking distance (100m to 500m) away from a JR train station, allowing you to save precious time travelling to the station itself. Read on to find out about these recommended hotels.

1. Sutton Place Hotel Ueno

Located just a short 3-minute walk (100m) away from JR Ueno train station, Sutton Place Hotel Ueno offers world-class amenities at a reasonable rate per night. It is also located in close proximity to various prominent tourist attractions in Tokyo, so you won’t always need to take the train to see something interesting. For example, you can reach Ecute Ueno shopping mall and shop ‘till you drop via a short 5-minute walk (300m). If you fancy cultural landmarks, Ryukoku-ji Temple is also another short 6-minute walk (400m) away from the hotel. Hotel-wise, the offered room choices would either be a Double or Twin room, with either smoking or non-smoking options. The hotel staff are fluent in English as well, so fret not over miscommunication. Complimentary Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel as well as a 24-hour front desk, ensuring you that help is available whenever you need it.

Address: 110-0005 Tokyo Prefecture, Taito-ku, Ueno 7-8-23, Japan
Distance from Haneda International Airport: About 17.6 km or 30-minute drive
Room rate per night: S$150

2. Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku

This boutique hotel Tokyo is a short 4-minute walk (240m) away from Shinsen-Shinjuku station, making it a perfect choice for travellers want to experience the vibrant Shinjuku ambience, as well as have the convenience of exploring the rest of Tokyo. It is also located near various shopping centres; such as Takashimaya Times Square and NEWoMan Mall which are both a 5-minute walk (300m) away, while Lumine the Yoshimoto is a 5-minute walk (400m) away. There are four types of rooms available at the hotel: the Superior Single Room, Standard Twin Room, Economy Double Room, and Standard Queen Room. Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by English-speaking staff who are ready to assist you with whatever needs arise. The hotel is also made accessible for the physically disabled with the presence of wheelchair-accessible rooms.

Address: 151-0053 Tokyo Prefecture, Shibuya-ku, Yoyogi 2-3-1, Japan
Distance from Haneda International Airport: About 16 km or 25-minute drive
Room rate per night: S$240

3. Tokyu Stay Shinjuku

Boasting modern architecture and close proximity to many of Tokyo’s high-profile landmarks, Tokyu Stay Shinjuku is another prime choice of accommodation for many travellers. Located beside Shinjuku Sanchome station, you can easily travel anywhere via the subway. Not only is the hotel located near the station, it is also surrounded by various landmarks representing both historical and modern Japan. For example, the Raiden Inari shrine is only a 5-minute walk (400m) away, while one of the biggest shopping malls of Shinjuku is Isetan Shinjuku, a short 2-minute (180m) away. With single and double bed options, this hotel is ideal for solo and couple travellers alike. With many perks including complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi and your choice of bathtub or shower for the en-suite bathroom. The hotel also has English-speaking staff, so communication and requesting for anything would be a breeze in this hotel.

Address: 160-0022 Tokyo Prefecture, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku 3-7-1, Japan
Distance from Haneda International Airport: About 16 km or 25-minute drive
Room rate per night: S$165

4. Hotel Lungwood

Just a minute's walk (100m) away from JR Nippori Train Station and a 40-minute ride (70.6km) away from Narita International Airport via express train, this three-star hotel offers a unique ambience and unmatched prices other establishments would be hard-pressed to beat. Hotel Lungwood offers complimentary Wi-Fi and multilingual staff who can assist you with whatever needs arise. Besides English, the staff can also speak Korean and Chinese. Room choices are also varied; from Single rooms with a smoking area, to Triple Bedrooms suitable for larger travelling groups. Not only is the hotel close to the train station, it is also located near to other prominent landmarks in Tokyo. Take a short 3-minute walk (200m) to reach Tennoji Travel, or take a 4-minute walk (300m) to visit Nippori Fabric Town. Other landmarks are easily reached via subway as well – one of them being Tokyo Skytree: a notable landmark, is a 5-minute train ride (4km) away from the hotel.

Address: 116-0014 Tokyo Prefecture, Arakawa-ku, Higashinippori 5-50-5, Japan
Distance from HAneda International Airport: About 19.1 km or 35-minute drive
Room rate per night: S$130

5. Kadoya Hotel

A combination of both no-fuss and no-frills, this three-star hotel is well known for its minimalistic approach to design. With room rates starting from S$135 per night, you can easily access Shinjuku train station via a 5-minute walk (300m) as well as other various Shinjuku landmarks like the Eye of Shinjuku, which is a 3-minute walk (200m) away, and Odakyu Department store, a 3-minute walk (300m) away. Despite the hotel's design being simple and minimalistic, they do not skimp on comfortable facilities and amenities. Every last room is fully air-conditioned, heated, equipped with a safety deposit box and complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi. For in-dining options, visit the izakaya at the hotel serving traditional Japanese food and alcoholic sake, or the Café le Voie which serves both Japanese and Western cuisine.

Address: 160-0023 Tokyo Prefecture, Shinjuku-ku Nishi-Shinjuku 1-23-1, Japan
Distance from Haneda International Airport: About 16.4 km or 25-minute drive
Room rate per night: S$192

6. Hotel New Ueno

Just a 2-minute walk (200m) away from JR Ueno Station, this 3-star hotel is also conveniently situated near Ameyoko Shopping Street, well-known for its modern shopping ambience. Visit Ecute Ueno Shopping Mall via a 2-minute walk (100m) or Atre Ueno Shopping Mall, which is a 2-minute walk (200m). Enjoy modern amenities like air-conditioning, a flat-screen TV, and complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi. If you are travelling with friends or family, we recommend booking a Japanese-style room with 3 beds available, while other room types like a Single, Double or Triple room are up for booking as well. Finally, there are both smoking and non-smoking options for each room.

Address: 110-0005 Tokyo Prefecture, Taito-ku Ueno 7-2-5, Japan
Distance from Haneda International Airport: About 17.4 km or 35-minute drive
Room rate per night: S$130

7. Shinjuku Prince Hotel

If the combination of a boutique-style hotel with a luxuriously furnished ambience closely located to a main train station appeals to you, look no further than Shinjuku Prince Hotel. There are many rave reviews about this particular hotel on many hotel review websites, and it is easy to see why. Located right beside the lively Kabukicho area, the hotel is a short 5-minute walk (400m) away from JR Shinjuku Station. The overall design of the hotel combines contemporary and traditional elements, ensuring your stay will be more memorable. Worry not about breaking the bank when you stay at this hotel. The hotel offers either Single or Double rooms with both smoking or non-smoking rooms, with every room furnished with a flat-screen TV with international programming, and complimentary Wi-Fi. Finally, the hotel staff are multilingual in English, Korean, Thai and Mandarin, which will definitely expedite communication with many overseas guests.

Address: 160-8487 Tokyo Prefecture, Shinjuku-ku, Kabuki-cho 1-30-1, Japan
Distance from Haneda International Airport: About 16.7 km or 25-minute drive
Room rate per night: S$180

That's our 7 hotels picked from the numerous others in Tokyo. So, what are you waiting for? Book a room at one now to ensure you have a convenient and amazing time for your next trip to Japan!

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