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For Booking Hotels at the Last Minute, Try These 6 Apps


Published on 12 Jul 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

For Booking Hotels at the Last Minute, Try These 6 Apps


Published on 12 Jul 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

Nothing is more annoying than booking hotel rooms at the last minute. Luckily for you, these 6 apps will help save your breath and make booking rooms easier.

Have you ever booked a hotel room at the last minute? Chances are yes lah, especially in the era where hotel booking websites and apps are available anytime and everywhere. Thanks to them, booking hotel rooms at the last minute is getting easier and safer than having to find a hotel directly. And believe it or not, you need this form of convenience because of many reasons like these:

1. You’re about to pass out from a night party

You’re about to pass out from a night party Article Photo Unsplash Resized

There are times when going home from a night party becomes too risky. It could be because of the liquors you’ve drunk, or the distance to your home is too far away. At this point, you may opt to stay at a friend’s house and return home the next day. But if you’re too paiseh to ask your friend, booking hotel rooms is the next best thing to do.

2. You’re on a business trip at faraway places

You’re on a business trip at faraway places Article Photo Canva Resized

Several jobs may force you to make a business trip to a faraway place, whether it’s in your own country or overseas. If it’s only a one-day job that takes a whole day to finish, you might not be able to go home the same day. Therefore, booking hotel rooms at the last minute becomes necessary before you can go home the next day.

3. You’re on a long-distance road trip

You’re on a long-distance road trip Article Photo Unsplash Resized

Imagine that you are travelling somewhere rather far away in a car or on a bike. On the way back home, the night comes, and your energy and concentration have been drained. Knowing that continuing the journey maybe too risky, you have no other choice but to take a rest and sleep. Booking a hotel room will be the first thing that crosses your mind in order to recharge your energy to continue the road trip.

4. You need that unplanned travelling

You need that unplanned travelling Article Photo Canva Resized

Sometimes, unexpected travelling can’t be avoided. At some point, you know that all the stress from work needs to perish. Therefore, you want to clear your mind somewhere else. That is when unplanned travelling becomes the way to go and booking hotel rooms at the last minute is inevitable.

5. You love booking hotel rooms at a cheaper rate

You love booking hotel rooms at a cheaper rate Article Photo Canva Resized

Believe it or not, some people book a hotel room at the last minute on purpose. To them, it is a money-saving trick because hotels tend to sell vacant rooms in the last days at a lower rate. The price is even lower than the ones you book in advance. You might even be tempted to do the same once you see the actual price.

But here’s where all the fun of booking hotel rooms at the last minute ends. No matter the reason or the advantages, doing it is like a gamble because you might end up not getting any rooms. After all, you’re not the only one on the edge who’s looking for a cheap room as soon as possible. The fastest ones will get the cheapest ones, while the losers get either no room or the ones with a higher price. Alamak, such a hassle.

Does that mean booking hotel rooms in a pinch is too risky?

It doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to lose a room. With the trend of booking hotel rooms at the last minute on the rise, it becomes the focus of newer hotel booking apps. There are many apps specially designed for those who wish to chope a room in a pinch. It means there are more chances for you to get the desired room without worrying about not getting a room.

What makes things even more interesting is that each hotel booking app has its perks. Some may provide lower prices, better promos, more comfortable user interface, or unique features. If you’re unsure about which ones to choose, fear not! Here are 6 hotel booking apps you need to consider for booking hotel rooms.

1. Expedia

When it comes to booking hotel rooms at the last minute, travelling experts seem to recommend Expedia the most. That’s because this particular hotel booking app has its own Last-Minute Deals section that is dedicated for the same purpose as its name suggests. Once you’ve selected the region and date, you’ll be welcomed by an array of different hotels with discounted rates based on the property class.

The app allows you to sort out the hotels based on more detailed requirements, aside from the regular ones like price and class. What you’ll get eventually is the exact kind of hotel you’re looking for, based on where you want to go at the location. For example, you can find cheap business hotels that are close to Universal Studios Singapore for less than SG$50. In short, try out Expedia.

2. HotelTonight

HotelTonight is one of the first hotel booking apps that provide a last-minute deal. Such a statement is not only for boasting because it also expands their quality service, making it a high-profile app on the block. For a start, it has a unique AI concierge named Ace (kind of like Alexa or Siri) that assists the users. Ace can advise on local facilities and points of attraction, as well as local hotels around.

Aside from those features, Ace also serves as a community platform for other HotelTonight users to communicate with each other. This gives you a social link with other people who have travelled to different parts of the world. And let’s not forget about the UI itself, which has a very seamless loading time and interface. All in all, HotelTonight lives up to its name as a reliable last-minute hotel booking app.

3. HotelQuickly

While most apps are rather restrictive with their booking time, HotelQuickly is nothing like that. For a start, over 20,000 hotels are available in the app’s catalogue, scattered mostly around the Asia-Pacific region. Booking hotel rooms can be done a year in advance, although the lower prices are only for last-minute stay. On the other hand, booking on the same day gives you that exact discount or the lowest prices.

Plus, you can book until 4 A.M. so you can check-in the same day. It is a very useful feature if you are on a late flight that arrives at midnight. With the convenient booking time and a vast array of hotels combined, HotelQuickly is the app for booking hotel rooms in a jiffy.

4. Travelocity

Looking for surprises? Then Travelocity is exactly what you need. Low prices are guaranteed and you can sort the list based on your personal requirements. But, the best thing here is the “Top Secret” hotel feature. You can find a “3-star hotel around Marina Bay Sands” at an extremely cheap rate, but you can’t see the hotel name. The only way to know it is by booking, but you’ll not be disappointed.

5. Priceline

Believe it or not, Priceline is a well-known platform for booking hotel rooms through bidding. That’s right; you name the price and star ratings, then the app will give you the room, but not the hotel name. Wah lau, that seems out of this world for you, isn’t it? But don’t worry. While you can only see the name after booking it, the hotel quality is certainly worth the money you bid.

But if bidding a hotel room seems unorthodox and inconvenient for you, Priceline also offers other booking services. While the feature above is called “Name Your Own Price,” you can select other hotels through the common method. “Express Deals” is just like bidding, but the discounted price is fixed, and you still can’t see the hotel name. Lastly, “Deals for You” is a special discount feature if you’ve logged in.

6. Orbitz

Orbitz is all about the users’ feedback. Unlike your regular hotel booking apps, this one gives a fully detailed review as well as an overall and individual score of the hotels. Users can display feedback related to the staff, room comfort, cleanliness, hotel location, and the value-for-money price. To raise the bar even further, Orbitz also allows you to filter the reviews so that only the verified users are displayed.

As for booking hotel rooms, you will get what you expect from the usual hotel booking apps. Great prices, detailed sort-by feature, and seamless interface. However, Orbitz also differs from the rest of them by providing services to book flights, book tickets for points of attraction, and rent cars. In short, it’s like having a personal and professional travel agent with amazing quality and great customer feedback. Very cool, lah!

The industry of hotel booking apps continues to change rapidly as time goes by. New demands and trends will force the market to follow them, and whoever doesn’t will be left behind. That being said, these 6 apps are still among the most recommended ones for booking hotel rooms at the last minute. So, the next time you plan to chope a hotel in a pinch, sure can lah.

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