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Get Most Out of Your Money With These 12 Budget Travel Tips


Published on 05 Mar 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

Get Most Out of Your Money With These 12 Budget Travel Tips


Published on 05 Mar 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

Travelling doesn't have to cost a fortune. Read more on how you can save and get most out of your hard-earned money with these 12 budget travel tips.

Ahoy traveller, here's our hacks for you to make the most out of your trip without killing the wallet.

Booking flights at the right time

It’s not a myth that flight prices change within the day. Afternoon prices tend to be lower than morning prices when business travellers book more of their flights. Airlines also have deals on certain days and times, so subscribe to those alerts and search for flights then. You’ll be happy when you score that deal. Studies have also shown that the 8-week rule works: booking then gets you good prices. Booking any earlier might be a commitment too far ahead. On the other hand, if you book any later, the prices could change.

Stay in a hostel

Nowadays the hostel business is competitive so there’s a pressure to keep up with cleanliness, prices and service. If you don’t mind bunking with others, you’ll be saving a ton. The best part about hostels is that they are usually found in the heart of the city and in prime locations. Many hostels also have private rooms, which still costs only a fraction of the price of a hotel room.

Earn while travelling

There are many ways to make money while you are on the road. Travel for Instagram content; teach English; write; do photography; work for a festival or event; work remotely while travelling.

Be a house sitter

This is a great way to get free accommodation and to live like a local. Trusted Housesitters connects homeowners to people who can take care of their house and pets while they are away. There is a wide selection of houses all over the world.

Use free WiFi

Save on roaming charges and connect to free Wifi when you can. Just map out your directions and go on your social media when you have access to Wifi. It doesn’t hurt to wait a bit! Many cities have Wifi in public areas. Cafes and museums are your best bet.

Shop like a local

Look for a local market for your everyday items and food, rather than succumb to tourist traps at places where they have the menu in a few languages. In places like Asia and South America, you are guaranteed to find everything you need at a lower price. If language fails, just point. Sometimes it can be fun to see what you end up with.

Don't change currency at the airport

Notorious for lousy exchange rates, airports should be the last place to change currency. Make a little effort to get that done before you depart – you might save yourself a significant amount.


Strip off that shyness and bargain for your goods. This works best for street vendors of course. Many times vendors jack up the prices at twice the amount to try their luck. In Thailand, if you are the first customer of the day, it is bad luck to refuse your sale, no matter what you offer.

Get Multi-day passes

If you are staying in a city for a few days, there are tourist passes that can help you save. Entrance fees to museums or public transport ticket prices are discounted and you can use them to get around at a cheaper rate.

Take public transport

In many cities, public transport is developed and accessible. It also costs less than Uber. It is a great way to experience the local commute and atmosphere. In some countries like Japan, taxi prices are exorbitant and it is really unwise to spend that buck.

Find free things to do

There are free walking tours, museums and tastings that you can join. Just google ‘free activities + location’ and you will see that there is an unbelievable number of ways to spend time.

Save on travel guides

Wikitravel, Pinterest and simply Google – saves you and the planet from buying a physical copy. Information can easily be found online, and there are many travellers that blog about their journeys, so you can pick up some tips and hints.

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