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Here are 10 Tricks for Booking Hotels Easily in Peak Season


Published on 10 Jul 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

Here are 10 Tricks for Booking Hotels Easily in Peak Season


Published on 10 Jul 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

Many people agree that booking hotels during peak season is often more difficult than usual. That’s why you need these 10 effective tricks to make it easier.

In general, peak season occurs during school vacation, public holidays, or when many people balik kampong to their hometown. This season is usually associated with crowded tourist attractions, expensive flight tickets, as well as increased rates of accommodations. Considering these situations, it is no wonder that many people avoid the peak season for travelling. They prefer to travel during the off-season when most public places are less crowded, and the costs of flights or hotels are at normal rates.

Unfortunately, not everyone gets a chance to travel during the off-season. Some of them have school-age children who can only go on a trip during school vacation. Some others are employees whose vacation days are limited. They basically have no other choice but to follow the crowds and travel during the peak season.

If you choose to take a vacation during the peak season, another matter to think about is the accommodation. Hotels and properties are often fully booked throughout this season. Otherwise, they are offered at higher rates. To deal with this sort of problem, you need to know some effective tricks for booking hotels during the peak season. Ten ways in the following list will help you to book hotels more easily and at cheaper rates, even during seasons when demand is high.

1. Book Hotel Rooms Earlier

Book Hotel Rooms Earlier Article Photo Unsplash Resized

Peak season offers the ultimate experience of the holiday. More often than not, public festivals are held at this time of the year. In Singapore, for instance, the celebration of Chinese New Year coincides with the peak season, which runs from December to June. In addition to having a holiday, you can participate in interesting activities involving locals and other tourists.

If you plan to take a vacation in peak season, the best decision you can make regarding the accommodation is booking it in advance. It is a common occurrence for hoteliers to increase hotel rates when requests are high. Therefore, you need to book the hotel room ahead of time before such things happen. In general, properties can give a 15 to 20 percent discount on hotel rates if you book a room at least 14 days prior to your stay. But hotel booking is not the only thing you should do in advance lah. When travelling during the peak season, hurry and chope flight tickets, tour packages, or activities beforehand in order to get the best experience. If you do so, you can have a holiday that is as fascinating as the one you’d get when travelling during the off-season.

2. Make Use of Hotel Booking Apps and Sites

Make Use of Hotel Booking Apps and Sites Article Photo Canva Resized

The variation of accommodation rates is commonly based on several factors, including demand, days of the week, and seasonal matters. The peak season during public holidays and school vacations most likely offers higher rates than any other times. In this case, you need to make use of various hotel booking apps and sites that are largely available and only one touch away to access. Don’t stick to one single app or site if you want to get the best rate. Instead, use different apps and visit multiple websites to compare accommodation rates from a wide range of selections.

3. Check Rates and Book Rooms on the Hotel’s Official Websites

Check Rates and Book Rooms on the Hotel’s Official Websites Article Photo Canva Resized

Besides visiting different hotel booking sites, you can also make do with the hotel’s official website. By visiting the official website of a particular hotel, you can check the rates they offer and at the same time, compare them to the ones you find on the general booking sites.

This alternative also allows you to check the hotel facilities more thoroughly. The hotel website usually provides additional information that you may not find on other booking sites. If you travel in peak season when the traffic is high, the hotel’s official website often offers transport services from the airport or to some tourist destinations. Therefore, your job in planning a good trip will be easier as you kill two birds with one stone: booking a hotel while looking for transportation around the city.

4. Find Hotel Booking Sites that Offer “Book Now, Pay Later” System

Find Hotel Booking Sites that Offers “Book Now, Pay Later” System Article Photo Pexels Resized

You can choose from a great number of hotel booking sites. For this reason, it is your job to narrow them down based on special offers and systems. When it comes to booking hotels in peak season, go with sites that provide a ‘book now, pay later’ offer at their check-in system. That way, you will get an advantage when planning the upcoming trip.

Such service also gives you flexibility in hotel booking. In case you change the date of your stay or find another offer with a better deal, the cancellation process won’t come with a lot of problems.

5. Search the Best Deals for the Hotel You’re Looking for

Search the Best Deals for the Hotel You’re Looking for Article Photo Pexels Resized

When looking for a place to stay during peak season, asking for hotel deals won’t do you any harm. In fact, it will give you some advantages, such as special offers, room upgrades, discounts or price reductions. Therefore, this should be done before choosing the date for your stay.

While doing so, don’t forget to mention that you expect to stay during the high season of the holiday. Make sure the hotel managers are aware of this fact so you can receive the best deals at that particular time.

6. Be a Member of a Hotel Loyalty Program

Be a Member of Hotel Loyalty Program Article Photo Canva Resized

Most hotel chains provide a membership program that gives rewards to those who join. The rewards will come in handy when you need to book accommodation during the peak season. This will apply to travellers who book the same hotel chains frequently.

Once you become a member of those programs, you can reap the rewards and get the best deals and promotions for hotel rooms you want. Even during peak season, proper hotel rooms will be easier to book at cheaper rates.

The rewards in this kind of program can also be optimized by linking the hotel costs to your credit card. The cards will give you bonus points whenever you spend on booking hotels anywhere.

7. Join Membership Program on Hotel Booking Websites

Join Membership Program on Hotel Booking Websites Article Photo Canva Resized

Hotel loyalty Programs are not the only programs you can rely on to book hotels easier during high season. Alternatively, you can join membership programs offered by some popular hotel booking websites. As suggested by Jen Avery at Thrifty Nomads, website membership programs can give you some interesting offers which include discounts on hotels or hostels.

8. Put Your Credit Card to Use

Put Your Credit Card into Use Article Photo Pexels Resized

Be grateful if you are a credit card holder, because you can put it to good use when booking hotels in peak season. Besides helping to optimize hotel loyalty rewards as mentioned earlier, credit cards alone can give you special rewards for accommodation. The more often you use credit cards for booking transactions, the more points you get, which will result in better or higher rewards.

Regarding this matter, keep in mind that different credit card providers offer different reward programs for their users. Some providers give annual rewards in the form of discounts or additional services, while some others present a hotel room for free when the rates are high. When it is a peak season and you need to book accommodation, the first thing you need to do is check what kind of reward you can get from using credit cards for the transaction.

9. Keep Updated on Regular Newsletters

Keep Updated with Regular Newsletter Article Photo Unsplash Resized

Hotel booking websites often suggest that their visitors—including you—sign up for the regular newsletter. This service actually offers more good than harm. For starters, you can receive promotional discounts and other interesting offers. Even when accommodation is high in demand during peak season, the offers on the newsletter will help you book hotel rooms more easily at lower costs.

10. Go with Package Deals which Include Flight and Accommodation

Go with Package Deals which Include Flight and Accommodation Article Photo Unsplash Resized

Last but not least, another trick you can count on when travelling during the peak season is opting for package deals. These deals are often provided by online travel agents when the booking demand is high.

Package deals not only offer hotel rooms or accommodation, but also include flight tickets at lower prices. Similar to other preparations for a high-season trip, booking for package deals should also be done in advance so that you can get cheaper rates for both the flights and hotels.

That concludes some easy and simple tricks for booking hotels in peak season. With those tricks in mind, you will be able to get a good deal for any hotel room you need, regardless of your holiday time. In short, taking a holiday trip in peak season—or in any other season for that matter—won’t be a problem anymore. You will be happy like bird throughout the holiday.

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