Here Are 9 Beaches to Visit When Staying at Da Nang Hotels


Published on 05 Aug 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

Here Are 9 Beaches to Visit When Staying at Da Nang Hotels


Published on 05 Aug 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

Quick fact, Da Nang is known as one of Southeast Asia's beach paradises. When staying at Da Nang hotels, visiting these 9 beautiful beaches is mandatory.

When it comes to a beach holiday trip, there’s no better place than Da Nang city in Vietnam. Hailed as Vietnam’s beach city, Da Nang is abundant with numerous beaches that stretch across the seaside. Because of that, when you’re staying at Da Nang hotels, it is mandatory that you discover the beauty of the beaches. Believe us, the joy and experience of visiting the beaches will be second to none.

There is one rule of thumb regarding every beach in Da Nang: All of them are well-maintained with clean water and sand. However, they offer a different experience from each other.

For a start, several beaches are open to the public. On the other hand, several other beaches in Da Nang are secluded and exclusive for certain people only. The latter ones are mostly monopolized by several Da Nang hotels, which make them a great choice if you like privacy.

But regardless of preference, you should visit these 9 best beaches at least once in a lifetime. And they are:

1. My Khe Beach

2. My Khe Beach Resized My Khe Beach quickly gained fame as one of the best beaches in the world, and it lives up to it. The moment you arrive at My Khe, you’ll be greeted with white sand that stretches across 20-mile.

Then, you’ll witness people having fun as they do jet-skiing, swimming, surfing, and snorkelling in the clear, ethereal seawater. And behind My Khe beach lies a hefty amount of Da Nang hotels, both the luxury ones and cheaper ones.

But surprisingly, My Khe Beach isn’t a new beach restored in recent times. Instead, it was a significant location for American troops during the height of the Vietnam War. According to the locals, the Americans named the beach “My Khe,” and it stays that way to this date. When you realize its significance, you’ll be even more surprised that such a landmark is still preserved to date. It truly is a beautiful beach inside out.

2. Non Nuoc Beach

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Non Nuoc is yet another gorgeous beach and is considered as one of the most beautiful ones in the world. The soft sand and gentle slope of the beach gives you the urge to stroll around while you enjoy the scenery. As for the seawater, it is just as you’d expect from Da Nang beaches: clear, exciting, and beautiful. No wonder it’s always crowded with people who swim and do jet-skiing and surfing.

Of course, there is a diverse range of Da Nang hotels situated very close to Non Nuoc Beach. Aside from them, the beach is also surrounded by numerous interesting landmarks, namely pagodas, handicraft villages, sacred caves, and seafood restaurants. Plus, you can also see the marvellous Marble Mountains even from the beach.

3. Bac My An Beach

Can you imagine a beach with a length of 4 kilometres and capable of accommodating over 5,000 people? Introducing Bac My An Beach. Due to its massive size, it’s split into several parts, where one part is for sunbathing, playing volleyball, and doing water sports. The latter is very prominent as you can go kayaking, windsurfing, and snorkelling, to name a few. Everything you need to go wild is right here.

Its spacious size also means some parts of it are privatized by luxurious Da Nang hotels on the beach. However, you can still find some cheaper Da Nang hotels around it with price tag of approximately S$30. Also, other areas on the beach are open to the public, which is great if you’re not planning to stay at luxurious hotels. For the icing on the cake, there are also seafood restaurants with sensible prices at the beach.

4. Thanh Binh Beach

If you plan to enjoy Da Nang’s beach and the central city’s landmarks in one go, then visit Thanh Binh Beach. Located in Hai Chau District, you can reach Da Nang International Airport from the beach at only 15 minutes driving. Additionally, the beach is always lively due to its strategic location, topped with the midrange Da Nang hotels surrounding it.

You can do the usual water activities in Thanh Binh Beach, and if you’re into sunbathing, a beach chair rental is available. However, keep in mind that its strategic location also means the beach will be very crowded during weekends. So, if you don’t like a crowded beach, avoid visiting Thanh Binh during weekends.

5. Son Tra Peninsula

6. Son Tra Peninsula Resized Son Tra Peninsula consists of many hidden individual beaches. Tien Sa and Bai Bac Beaches are among the beaches in Son Tra, but they both deserve their individual review. As for Son Tra itself, it’s 12 kilometres on the north with only a handful of Da Nang hotels accommodating the guests. This means less exposure to civilization, and more space for animals to thrive, such as the preserved red-shanked doucs.

Apart from the beach, which is gorgeous in itself, Son Tra’s also close to several interesting landmarks, namely Linh Ung Pagoda. The 67 metres Goddess of Mercy statue stands high on the mesmerizing pagoda design. Additionally, there’s also a lookout point on the peak called Ban Co Peak where you can witness Confucius’ bronze statue.

6. Bai Bac Beach

Bai Bac Beach is the right place for people who prefer a more secluded and private beach. It’s located around Son Tra Peninsula, hosting one of the most luxurious Da Nang hotels called InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort. Of course, said hotel privatizes some parts of the beach, while the rest is open to the public. Unfortunately, there aren’t as many cheaper Da Nang hotels on the beach here.

You can visit Bai Bac Beach any day, but half of the beach tends to get closed during weekends. This is a part of the locals’ agenda where they create a turtle conservation site there. So, if you happen to get stuck during weekends at Bai Bac, you can instead enjoy other landmarks around it. Son Tra Mountain is available to hike, and it takes 4 hours to reach Linh Ung Pagoda. Local jungle trails around Bai Bac also hosts some of the most exciting and rarest animals and plants in Vietnam.

7. Lang Co Beach

Is there a larger beach than Bac My An in Da Nang? The answer is yes, and it’s called Lang Co Beach! It’s stretching for 10 kilometres between the southern part of Hai Van Pass and Truon Son Mountain. But despite the size, it’s one of the least known beaches in Da Nang because it’s quite far from the city. Consequently, there’s little to no Da Nang hotels available around Lang Co Beach.

However, that doesn’t mean the beach is bad. On the contrary, it’s one of the most beautiful beaches in Da Nang with ethereal panorama and mountain ranges views. Plus, there are also other interesting landmarks to visit around Lang Co, namely Bach Ma National Park, 30 kilometres to the west. And if you’re into wildlife adventure, you can tackle the jungle trails and discover Rhododendrun Falls, too.

8. Xuan Thieu Beach

Xuan Thieu Beach is located just 20 minutes away from Da Nang International Airport. It’s also known as Red Beach due to the change of colour in the water when the sun sets or rises. This particular selling point makes it a gorgeous beach and is the reason why there are Da Nang hotels around it. And aside from hotels, there are also bars and seafood restaurants in Xuan Thieu, pretty convenient.

However, Xuan Thieu Beach hides a secret: it was a military zone for the US Army in 1975. Back in the days, there was a storage facility where they keep military supplies and an airport. But now, almost no traces of those buildings remain. The only buildings around are local houses and Da Nang hotels, bars, and restaurants.

9. Tien Sa Beach

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The last of Da Nang’s marvellous beaches on this list is Tien Sa Beach, also a part of Son Tra Peninsula. Located on the western side of Son Tra Mountains, it’s a peaceful and quiet beach with fishing villages surrounding it. That means, there aren’t as many Da Nang hotels in Tien Sa. Plus, Tien Sa Hotel is the only one situated on the beach, privatizing certain parts of the beach. Non-guest will be charged VND 10,000 or S$0.58 to enter the beach.

That’s pretty cheap for what you get. Tien Sa Beach has a beautiful view, plus a bonus scene where you can see the domestic life of local fishermen. It’s also a perfect place for sunbathing, swimming, and snorkelling. Apart from the beach itself, it’s pretty close to Ban Co Peak and Linh Ung Pagoda. Ergo, if you’re into a more private holiday trip, visiting Tien Sa Beach is a good choice.

So, a few takeaways before visiting these beaches around Da Nang hotels…

As you can see from the list, Da Nang has a lot of beaches to offer. Each one has its perks and challenges, and it’s all up to you to decide which ones to visit. However, if you plan to stay at more secluded beaches, the option for choosing the Da Nang hotels to stay at is limited. Therefore, either you have to make a full-day trip there or be focused on that part of the beach and stay at the hotels available.

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