How to be a Master of Aerial Photography: Bali Drone Edition


Published on 14 Dec 2018

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

How to be a Master of Aerial Photography: Bali Drone Edition


Published on 14 Dec 2018

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

Get the latest tips on how to fly a drone like a pro in Bali, which includes how to get the best aerial photography shots in the Island of Gods.

So you brought your drone along to Bali. Well, we did too! This four-legged flying device has taken Bali by storm. If you intend to capture Bali from above - and in oscillation - here are some tips and tricks and rules of engagement.

Batteries on your plane

Lithium batteries must be in your carry-on luggage only! They are known to explode or catch fire by themselves, so airlines have made it mandatory to handle them carefully. Watch this video for some tips on how to travel with your batteries!

Code of respect

Mosques and temples are strewn all over the island, and it is just courtesy that we don’t probe too closely at these places of worship. The government has implemented laws on “unmanned aircraft vehicles” i.e. drones, here, but in Bahasa of course .

Forbidden Areas

These places are a no-no, unless you have permission from the Director General of Air Transportation (DGTA). They include spaces that are entirely closed for aviation activities of any kind, or areas that may be open for civil aviation but restricted for government use. That naturally includes areas close to airports!

Alright, let’s get dronin’!

Bali is full of picturesque landscapes for you to fly your drone around. You can get some inspiration from the video here, which has some locations we recommend.

The rice terraces in Ubud

Also the centre of Balinese culture and arts & crafts, you can’t miss this place that’s famed for its rice terraces. The paranoma views of green hillsides contrast with the blue sky, capturing a breathtaking landscape.

Ubud Rice Terraces Article Photo WR Resized Source: WorldRoamer®

Activities with nature at Uluwatu

This is the ideal location for drone footages of surfers, cliffs and the beach. Known as one of world’s most iconic surf spots, you can really catch the action here. There are many scenes to beget from one single location – even parties! Flying your drone out from a remote spot on the cliff would be the best.

Uluwatu Article Photo Unsplash Resized

Getting high up at Mount Batur

Bali has many volcanoes but drone operators prefer this one for an amazing view. Tourists visit the mountain for an unforgettable sunrise while enjoying breakfast. Your drone will be able to capture the amazing colours and a timelapse or hyperlapse will give you brilliant footage.

Mount Batur Article Photo Unsplash Resized

Colourful Contrasts at Bingin Beach

This beach will allow you to capture shots of the coast and authentic-looking villas against the ocean. The vegetation and still water of the infinity pools will provide a great composition for your footage.

Bingin beach Article Photo Canva Resized

Greenery at Munduk

We won’t forget the forests. Munduk is well-preserved and is famous for its walks and treks. It produces traditional Balinese commodities from its farms, rice terraces and rainforest. Don’t forget the waterfalls and lakes. The footage will be priceless.

Greenery at Munduk Article Photo Canva Resized

If you are a huge drone fan, you will be happy to know that there is a Community in Bali. Although in Bahasa, they welcome English-speaking drone fanatics. Click here to find out more!

Otherwise just try the Drone Club which is in English. You are not dronin’ alone!

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