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I Could Find 7 Different Hotel Types From Hotel Booking App


Published on 12 Jul 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

I Could Find 7 Different Hotel Types From Hotel Booking App


Published on 12 Jul 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

Hotels are no longer places just for temporary stay, they are also places for various occasions. Here are seven hotel types in online hotel booking apps.

When talking about hotels, most people will immediately think of a place for a temporary stay while away from their homes. Actually, there are many types of hotel.

The growing number of hotel categories is due to how travellers want to explore local culture and how hotels now serve various purposes. Nowadays, travellers aren't just looking for holidays. Depending on their economic background, they may be looking for different experiences and thus could fit into various hotel categories.

Here are 7 types of hotels that you can find in hotel booking apps with some tips on how to get the best deals for the different hotel categories. Additionally, it is hoped that the following detailed information will help you roam the next destination uniquely.

1. Resort Hotel

Resort Hotel Article Photo Canva Resized

The resort is a type of full-sized accommodation that comes with facilities. The location tends to be close to well-known tourist destinations. For example, if you stay at Resort World in Sentosa Island, you can reach Universal Studio Singapore and many other tourist attractions from the hotels easily.

Another resort is Costa Resort in Sentosa. This hotel is very close to Wave House Sentosa, where you can enjoy a flowboarding experience. The unique part of this resort is the dual concept of living. If you like modern designs, you can choose its Deluxe Room. But for those who like the peacefulness of rural areas, this resort has “Kampung Hut” that gives an experience like living in Singapore back in the 1960s. From the room, the view of Siloso Beach will welcome you right away.

To enjoy all the attractions near these kinds of hotels, spending only one or two days won't be enough. The cost might be higher compared to that of a common hotel type. To get a lower price, finding travel deals through Travelzoo could be one of the options. You can try another booking hotel site as it is the best way to get all the information on deals right away on your devices. It provides various deals and special offers from all over the world, especially in Singapore. You can try it without worrying about your travel budget.

2. Airport Hotel

Airport Hotel Article Photo Canva Resized

As one of the international hubs, Changi Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. Due to this, the demand for hotels near the airport is also increasing even though hotels may not be part of the airport infrastructure. Hotels are approximately only 5-miles away from the main airport itself.

For travellers who need to take a rest immediately after a long flight, airport hotels can be the best choice. But don't expect any tourist attractions near the hotel. You still can access any tourist destination or business centre because quick access to the airport and other public transportation are available. It will be suitable for those who don't want to rush or get stuck in traffic so you can catch your flight.

Even though it is located near the airport, don't underestimate its facilities. You still have broad options, from 5-star hotels to budget hotels. For example, at Crowne Plaza Changi, you can get a free night stay if you have 10,000 membership points. Sometimes, you can get unexpected flexibility by paying later after booking through online hotel booking apps or websites.

3. Business Hotels

Business Hotels Article Photo Canva Resized

In line with its name, this kind of hotel will serve people who are going on a trip for business matters. The facilities of this hotel mostly support conferences and business meetings by providing a large convention hall or meeting rooms. It is designed for receiving many delegates.

The business hotel is favourably taking location near business districts or centres of economic activity. Internet access is a must for a business hotel. Access to public transportation or providing a shuttle car is another benefit when staying in this type of accommodation.

For example, Regent Hotel Singapore, which has a business package offer, provides business travellers with special rooms that have a balcony and a beautiful view. The floor is also dedicated to businessmen and businesswomen only. It has a quieter atmosphere than other floors where non-business travellers stay.

Getting a lower price for a business room might be a little bit harder because the flexibility and the standard of facilities for business travellers will be higher than those of non-business hotels. For example, non-business hotels might allow late check-outs up to 1:00pm, while business hotels like Regent Hotel Singapore might allow later check-outs up to 3:00pm.

4. Homestay

This type of accommodation refers to staying in a resident's property. You may find it on sites like Airbnb. It is an alternative that provides a “homier” atmosphere with fully-furnished facilities so that travellers don't have to buy additional utensils while staying in a homestay. For some other homestays, you and the owner may be staying under the same roof. It will be suitable for those who want to experience the hospitality of the locals. That's why homestays are one of the more popular accommodation choices for foreign students on student exchange programmes or tourists who want a unique experience.

In Singapore, Herald Homestay is one of the examples of a student-focused homestay. The payment is on a monthly basis and it is cheaper than the cost of hotels where you typically pay per night. Plus, a homestay normally includes laundry and cleaning services, whose standard is quite similar to that of hotels.

For homestays on sites like Airbnb, you may have to pay on a daily basis, and you should not expect cleaning and housekeeping services. You will be responsible for the safety of your belongings as well as the property you rent. The provider and owner may sue you if there is damage to the property after you use it, so be careful. Having early inspection before entering and leaving the property is also necessary so that you can make any remarks should there be any pre-existing damages on the property, helping you to avoid any unforeseen costs.

5. Suite Hotel

A suite hotel provides a fully-furnished large room with a separator or connecting door to separate it into two rooms. Its bathroom, living room, and dining hall are available along with king or twin beds. It is suitable for those who come in a large group. In the movie “Home Alone 2: Lost In New York”, the McCallister family stayed in a suite hotel room at the ending part. It may be the best illustration of how a suite hotel looks like.

With such facilities and amenities, you can roughly calculate how much it will cost to stay in a suite room. Compared to the regular hotels, it surely is more expensive. Pan Pacific Suite Orchard, Singapore is one of the suite hotels you can try. Located in the favourable and vibrant area of Orchard Road, this suite hotel gives so many options on public transportation if you want to explore the beauty of Singapore.

If you are not sure whether to book this kind of hotel, you can try booking hotels through apps or websites. For more secure payments, try using a credit card or online banking, there is a free cancellation privilege for you.

6. Budget Hotel

Budget Hotel Article Photo Canva Resized

A backpacker’s favourite and for those who are searching for a hotel with affordable prices. One of the reasons why budget hotels can offer lower room prices is because of the facilities. When you only need a place to rest before continuing your trip and holiday, budget hotels can be the right solution. Some of them offer Wi-Fi and some don't. There are of course, budget hotels which charge for internet access. Sounds a little bit siao, doesn’t it?

One of the examples of a budget hotel is Ibis Budget in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia where you can find a room rate at only SGD $2.50 per night with free Wi-Fi. Another example is Tai Hoe Hotel in Singapore where internet access is provided as well. Additionally, apart from its free parking for travellers who drive, the hotel is located near the bus station and only about 23 minutes to Changi Airport by taxi.

7. Bed and Breakfast

Known as B&B, Bed and Breakfast refers to a small accommodation that comes with breakfast that you share with other guests. Typically, the host also stays there along with other guests. All the facilities in this type of hotel will be shared among the guests, such as a bathroom, kitchen, and dining room. The breakfast that you will get is considered home-cooked cuisine as the host will be preparing it.

You will have more interaction with others when staying in a B&B lodging rather than in a hotel. As the guest, you can make new friends with others or even the host. You should be more careful when choosing to stay in a B&B lodging as most of them are run and managed independently by individuals (or a family) who are not part of a hotel management company.

Some of the B&B today already have a restaurant or bar for their guests. For example, located in the middle of the rainforest, Bed & Breakfast in Malaysia has a restaurant for makan besides its breakfast. You can use online hotel booking apps if you want to stay here while having a trip in Kuala Lumpur.

These are all seven types of the different hotels that you can try during your trip. You can share any experience that you've got when you stay in one of these types with your friends and family, or simply share this article with them.

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