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Must Follow These Flight Cabin Rules If Still Want To Fly


Published on 25 Mar 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

Must Follow These Flight Cabin Rules If Still Want To Fly


Published on 25 Mar 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

Don't want to get kicked out of your flight and land yourself in the airlines no-fly list? Then, read and remember these flight cabin rules to avoid issues.

Things not to do on the plane or you'll regret it

Plane rides mean that you are stuck in the air (with others) for hours. There are limited options when things go wrong, so you’ll certainly want to avoid problems. Also, if you don’t want to meet that obnoxious passenger, start by being a courteous and considerate traveller yourself.

Don’t get drunk

Are you really in a party? Alcohol may be free-flow, but you will want to check that disorderly behaviour when you are surrounded by strangers. No one wants to be next to someone who reeks of alcohol, passes out on your shoulder or throws up on you. You could also be in danger of suffering from dehydration or get kicked off the plane for unruly conduct.

Don’t recline your seat during meal times

This is mere inconsideration because the passenger behind you won’t be able to have his/her meal properly.

Don’t eat food that stinks before boarding

Onions, tuna or too much garlic leave unpleasant odours that your co-passengers will not appreciate. If you are likely to be seating beside strangers, remember the proximity you will have with him or her and how you’ll like to be remembered.

Do you really know where your life-vest is?

Passengers nowadays don’t even bother to pretend that they are paying attention when the safety briefing is made before the flight. What if you really need to know where the nearest emergency exit is and what you need to do to protect your child when the emergency alarm goes off? This information maybe boring and repetitive but it can save your life.

Overhead bin rules

Firstly, don’t put your carry-on luggage above someone else’s especially when the person in that row isn't seated yet. You are messing up with the unsaid rules and enabling disorder in the plane as people will have to move around, going against the stream of traffic when it is time to disembark. Do that only if you know the cabin above your seat has no more space and that the other rows have been seated and still have space to offer.

Overhead bins are also for bulky items, and space should be maximised. Don’t throw your small and multiple items across the overhead bin like it belongs to just you. Either pack your backpack, camera bag and laptop sleeve neatly into a tight space or put that under the seat in front of you to allow for stuff that can’t fit there.

Your feet

Keep them where they belong – at the bottom, not near anyone’s shoulder or in sight. Obnoxious passengers might wriggle them into the gap between the wall of the plane, forcing the poor dude in front to have a truly unpleasant experience. If you have smelly feet, be mindful of them. Wear socks and don’t go barefooted.

Don't push the call button unnecessarily

This happens usually to kids, but control them. The flight attendants will smile at the first or second time, but they will be rolling their eyes a gazillion times at you. Once they have noticed you (in a bad way), forget good treatment from the only service staff you are stuck with for the rest of your flight.

Don’t joke about terrorism or hijacks

This is bad humour. Every threat has to be taken seriously, and if you think that it’s funny, they will show you it’s not by removing you from a flight.

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