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These 6 Big Hotels Have Their Own Apps for Booking Hotels


Published on 12 Jul 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

These 6 Big Hotels Have Their Own Apps for Booking Hotels


Published on 12 Jul 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

Looking for a different experience at big hotels? Six of them have their own apps for booking hotels, so check them out and get their personal best offers.

When it comes to travelling, booking hotel rooms seems to be the most important thing to consider. After all, even though a hotel room is useful for literally only several hours per day, the price can be alamak, very mind-boggling. That is why backpackers or people who travel on a budget tend to compromise cheap rooms for the sake of saving money. To them, what matters in the end is the travelling experience outside of the room.

However, some people may disagree with that. They may be the type of people who consider their stay at a hotel a travelling experience. Therefore, they place importance on where to sleep for the night and book hotel rooms that are a little bit pricey, but still acceptable. What matters are the facilities, prestigiousness, delicious dishes, quality service, comfortable bed & shower, etc.

1. Therefore, spending more for booking hotel rooms at bigger hotels is still okay

Therefore, spending more for booking hotel rooms at bigger hotels is still okay Article Photo Canva Resized

If you’re the kind of person who loves the aforementioned experience, it would be a shame not to be able to stay there. You should do it at least once in your lifetime, just for the sake of experiencing the differences. And if value-for-money is your issue, do not worry! Bigger hotels have begun to build their hotel booking apps with many features other than booking a room. Among others, they are:

Personal, unique news & promos for the users

While it’s true that booking hotel rooms through common apps can get you cheap rooms, big hotels offer something else in the app. Through personal catalogues, they can offer unique promos such as concert-and-room packages, free gift cards, and many more. They save you money and also enhance the overall experience of staying in that hotel. Everybody wins, lor.

You can bargain by contacting the hotel directly

What will you do with all the promos displayed on the hotel booking apps? Well, you can reserve them right there, but why stop there when you can take it even further? Here’s one secret not many people know about: You can bargain for the room price by contacting the hotels directly through the app. This method can work when you’re booking hotel rooms at any hotel, and even better with big hotels.

So, how do you do that? Of course, call the hotel first lah. Once you do, they will most likely offer the same promos displayed on their apps to you. At this stage, you can start bargaining with the hotel receptionist for the room or package you intend to book. To make the bargaining smoother and better, reserve it on weekdays or non-peak moments during the month.

You gain credit card point rewards by doing the previous step

Okay, this might have less to do with the hotel booking app, but nonetheless, it is still beneficial. Unlike when you’re booking hotel rooms through other apps, booking it directly with their apps can net yourself point rewards. By accumulating the points, you can get tons of benefits from the credit card’s affiliated bank, such as a free stay at higher-end hotels. So, please be kiasu and keep accumulating the points!

You can make better use of the hotel’s membership card

These big hotel chains tend to offer a membership card to customers through their apps. This card offers plenty of benefits, such as discount prices, point rewards that you can collect to earn a free stay, and many more. If you’re booking hotel rooms with these kinds of hotels pretty often, you would have to have a membership card. Aside from being a beneficial card, it can also serve as a bragging right. Let that sink in…

2. That’s cool and all, but which hotels have their own apps?

That’s cool and all, but which hotels have their own apps Article Photo Canva Resized

Big names such as Hyatt, AccorHotels, Choice Hotels, and IHG have their own hotel booking apps to compete with other apps. It also helps a lot of new tourists who happen to visit a country for the first time and are unfamiliar with the landmarks. But unfortunately, not all big names like them have their hotels scattered all around the world. Thus, you might have to look for their availability when booking hotel rooms in different countries.

As for Singapore, this country hosts many international-class hotels. Among them all, six of them have their own hotel booking apps with different features and perks. Regardless, it’s recommended that you check them out, whether you’re booking hotel rooms with them or just plain curious.

Marriott International

Marriott Singapore and Sheraton Towers Singapore are two hotels available in the Marriott app. As for the app itself, Marriott International can be used for booking hotel rooms and collecting point rewards from reservations. When accumulated, you’ll be able to trade them for gift cards, discount coupons, and a free stay at Marriott Hotels. The app also provides SPG support as a built-in GPS and travel guide.

However, that’s not the unique thing about this hotel booking app. Users who have booked a room can simply check in and check out without having to visit the registration desk. This is because the app can also serve as a room key. But if you need a physical key, you can visit the desk as always, lah.


Ritz-Carlton is available in Singapore at two different hotels: Carlton Hotel Singapore and Ritz-Carlton Millenia Sing. Using the app allows you to chope a room at a discounted price, as well as to check in and request additional items. It also gives reward points when you’re booking hotel rooms, which can be traded for free gift cards, discounts, or even a free stay.

What makes the point system even better is that you can mix it with Marriott app’s reward system. By doing so, you’ll be able to use the point rewards for hotels from both Ritz-Carlton and Marriott. This is because Ritz-Carlton has merged with Marriott, and the app’s functions also follow suit.

Hilton Honor

Hilton’s hotel booking app provides services at Hilton Singapore. Aside from booking hotel rooms at a lower rate, this app allows you to order additional items for the room. When you’ve arrived, those items that have been ordered, such as pillows and food & beverages, will be sent to the room immediately. Additionally, the app also provides a built-in Uber ride for you to travel around the landmark.

Just like the Marriott app, the Hilton app allows you to check in simply through the app that also serves as the door key. However, this service is currently available only at certain 700 Hilton hotels around the world. If Hilton Singapore doesn’t provide the mobile door key service, you’ll have to get your physical key from the registration desk.

IHG (InterContinental Hotel Groups) Hotel Booking & Deals

If you’re planning to visit Intercontinental Singapore and Holiday Inn Atrium and Parkview, IHG hotel booking app is the one to use. When booking hotel rooms with it, users can read live reviews about IHG hotels around the world. Other features include reservation history, which saves the place you have visited before, travel guides and transportation rent with both Uber and car rentals.

Also, this app gives you the transaction history whenever you stay at the hotel. You can see how much you’ll have to pay aside from the hotel room, such as additional pillows or food & beverages. While it doesn’t sound like much, it’s still beneficial to remind yourself of how much you have spent outside of your travelling experiences outdoors.


Ibis Singapore on Bencoolen, Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay, and Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel are all under Accorhotel group. Therefore, you can chope rooms for those hotels with the AccorHotel app. Booking hotel rooms at a lower price and checking in online are the main features of this app. Aside from those, booking reminders will also be turned on 48 hours until the staying date.

While local weather forecasts and travel guides seem like normal services, the latter is active even if you’re offline. To top it off, this hotel booking app also gives you a 360° view around the hotel, providing you with 3D insights about the local landmark. Wah lau, so cool lah!


Last but not least is the Hyatt app, which supports Hyatt Singapore. This app provides services such as booking hotel rooms, online check-in and check-out, and built-in Uber transportation. Along with these is a point reward system named World of Hyatt, which gives you points for every reservation. The accumulated points can later be redeemed for discount coupons and a free stay at every Hyatt hotel around the world.

While it also provides a travel guide, what sets Hyatt app apart from the others is the ability to reserve a restaurant seat. Also, it gives a more personal customer service by linking the user to Hyatt employee’s Twitter and Facebook Messenger.

With the rising popularity of AirBnB and RedDoorz that provide affordable rooms, these big hotels have to keep up with the trend. They will have to keep formulating new features and promos to make users engaged and excited. But for now, these six big names have created their own apps with unique features that can complement the users greatly.

If booking hotel rooms at big names is your aim, make use of these hotel booking apps. That way, you’ll enjoy all your travelling experiences from staying at the hotel while saving money in the process. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

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