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Travelling Abroad? Check Out These 9 Hotel Booking Websites


Published on 15 Jul 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

Travelling Abroad? Check Out These 9 Hotel Booking Websites


Published on 15 Jul 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

Finding the best hotel booking websites for booking hotels while travelling abroad is the first thing you should do to get satisfying facilities at low price.

Travelling is part of the lifestyle of most people nowadays. Mass transportation nowadays can travel hundreds of miles away in a very short time. It can bring you to another continent in the blink of an eye.

When talking about travelling, hotels and homestays are inseparable parts. Travelling needs more than a day to please our hunger for entertainment. Thus, finding a place to rest comes first. In this case, it is booking hotels.

But, when we travel abroad, we may not know which hotel is the best for us. We don’t know the location if it is the first time we travel abroad. Thus, we need hotel booking websites that can give users an overview of what hotels suit us best. Some considerations we make usually start from locations to features, after prices. Finding the best deal for booking hotels while travelling abroad is crucial.

Here are 9 Hotel Booking Websites You Should Know

1. Booking.com

Booking.com is the best site for booking hotel rooms. It is because the website offers the best prices and an easy to use application. Moreover, some people say that it is the most reliable website.

Here are other pluses that you can experience while booking a hotel room via this website:

  • The maps are better than other sites, although sometimes it can be incorrect.
  • The website reviews are more reliable as verified guests are the ones who are allowed to give reviews.
  • It offers various types of reservations. These are booking cancellation with no charge; booking cancellation with charge, and no cancellation allowed.
  • It has a handy calendar that can show where you stayed for the night on a certain date. And it is on your “booking” tab. It may sound trivial, but you may need it.
  • Booking.com provides a different kind of room with a picture. The picture shows the number of people and their age, for instance, two adults and two children. So, you don’t need to book a queen bed for just one person.
  • The website provides so many pictures of what the hotel is like. The pictures range from the hall to the dining room. It shows most of the hotel environment. So, you can choose which hotel you want to stay in.

2. Priceline

Its simple design layouts help you to navigate it easily. If you input a destination, the hotel results are mostly downtown and tourist-friendly areas. So, it can be concluded that you will be quite safe if you check in to those hotels.

Furthermore, it provides “Name Your Own Price” and “Express Deal” features. The former allows you to submit your budget for booking hotels. Then, the website shows the hotel(s) willing to accept the price. It is good if you have a limited budget and want to invest the rest of your money on places you want to visit. The latter is a flash deal. It only shows the best price, but not the name of the hotel until you book. Although it sounds unsafe, it can offer significant savings.

3. Hotels.com

If you plan to travel to Singapore, you need to go to this website as it is based in Singapore. However, that's not just it. If you think that other online hotel booking websites limit your search, it’s not the same here. You will find tons of filters that help narrow down your search.

From its results, you can find upper- and lower-end hotels. Most of the hotels are located around city centres which are surely close to your destinations. However, the website sometimes includes the results of “fully booked” hotels. Don’t go away just yet as you will love the following feature. If you have booked for ten times via this website, you can claim one free night. Shiok right?! If that doesn’t satisfy you yet, this website also presents more than just hotel results. There are guesthouses and condo hotels.

4. HotelsCombined

This website is included as one of the best hotel booking sites. One of the features it offers may wow you. In addition to selecting a range of hotels, you can select room types. You can compare room types based on the number of people who travel with you. So, you don’t need to pay extra cost for just one person or book a room that cannot accommodate all of you. You can also see which hotel prices include and exclude taxes. If you don’t go far from the airport as you are only travelling for a short time, don’t worry. The website also shows airport hotels in the top results.

5. TripAdvisor

Similar to HotelsCombined, hotel results from this website are taken from various sites. You can get the best deals for hotel rooms along with price comparisons in several sites, hotel reviews, and facilities. However, you cannot rely on the reviews as other people who have not stayed in the hotel can give reviews.

Results showed are balanced. Lower and upper prices are mixed in the results. Nevertheless, you can use the price filter feature, which can show any range of price based on your preference. This website will suit anyone who wants to find as many hotel selections as possible. On some occasions, it shows the hotel’s website. You can book a room here, although other websites provide its rate.

6. Agoda.com

Before spreading the target to most people around the world, Agoda used to focus on Asia. You still can see a glimpse of it from the homepage in the review section. It shows user reviews from Philippines, India, and Malaysia after their trips to Taiwan, Thailand, and Malaysia.

After its development, the website now gives better search experience. You can get better hotel deals in the best hotel sites. Although it does not work every time, you can still find the best hotel deals you deserve.

Type of guest is more varied than other websites. If other websites only show the number of adults and children section, this website offers more. There are couples / pairs, family travellers, group travellers and business travellers. Moreover, if you are bored with hotels, the website also has resort and hostel offerings for you.

7. Trivago

You must have heard about this website a lot as its advertisement has been worldwide. Everyone knows its slogan. Hotel? Trivago. Yup. That’s the one.

Unlike other hotel booking websites, Trivago only offers hotel booking services. Its results are taken from various websites that mostly present you with the best deals. However, this website does not show the lowest price it can find as the lead. It shows a higher price from Booking.com in large, green text instead. It may be due to its partnership with the website.

Apart from the fact that the lead price can be somewhat unreliable, in terms of the best deal, Trivago presents all the hotels. You really can find the best deal that you want. To do so, you need to have the patience to do a thorough search while surfing the website. Its search filter allows you to choose how far the hotel location is from your destination. There is also an extra filter for facilities that you can select, like breakfast, WiFi, and others.

8. Expedia

Although not many people find the best hotel booking deals via this website, it’s worth knowing. This and two other hotel booking websites, Travelocity and Orbitz, are owned by Expedia Inc. As they are owned by the same company, most features on the website are the same. However, it still has a few differences.

All prices and the lead price on each website are indeed the same. The hotel results below them are varied.

Nevertheless, most features are powered by Expedia; those three websites present good prices. If you are lucky, you can get the best deal out of all other websites you know. Just make sure to check this website first before checking other websites for deals.

9. Google

It may sound silly. We can find most things via Google, but that never includes hotels, right? If you think that way, you’re wrong. Since Google can cover most things, why would it not cover hotels as well?

However, its way of hotel searching is different from our usual way of searching for things. You need to add “/travel/hotels” after inputting a google address. As it is powered by Google, hotel locations are on another level. It is integrated into Google Maps, where the hotel location shows its price. When you click on the price, you’ll see the hotel’s name and other aspects. It shows that Google considers locations to be the most important. It is good for you if you want to stay near city centres or avoid downtown.

Although it only offers a few filters, one of them is useful. You can check on deals in more filters section and click on “just deals” if you want to find the best deals. As it is integrated into Google Maps, you know another plus when searching for hotels via this giant company website.

After all, finding hotel booking websites depends on one’s preferences. This is because not every website can give the best deals on the same day at the same price. So, it is recommended that you check on all your favourite websites for the best deals.

About WorldRoamer®
WorldRoamer® believes that booking hotel experience should be personal and transparent, and aims to be the best hotel booking website and app for all roamers.

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