Uncover the Beauty of Phu Quoc: 5 Reasons You Must Visit


Published on 05 Sep 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

Uncover the Beauty of Phu Quoc: 5 Reasons You Must Visit


Published on 05 Sep 2019

by WorldRoamer® Travel Team

Phu Quoc offers some of the most romantic beaches in Southeast Asia. Read on to know why you should visit the island and find out the easiest way to get there.

Southeast Asia has many exotic tourist destinations to visit, and one of them is Vietnam. If you have no idea where to go beside going to Ha Long Bay or the cities, you may want to add Phu Quoc to the list.

Located around 45km on the West of Ha Tien, the district is basically a UNESCO heritage site. More than half of the islands are legally protected. That would explain the beautifully maintained nature parks and wildlife. However, you can still find accessible Phu Quoc hotels, bars, night markets, and other entertaining activities on the South of the main island.

See for Yourself, 5 Reasons You Should Visit Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc islands sunset Resized Imagine watching the sun sets over an idyllic beach with a perfect hue of blue. There are no noises except for the sea breeze blowing softly to your hair—that is just a few things that you will get if you visit the island. To add to it, here are among the best reasons why you should go to Phu Quoc.

1. It Has More Than 25 Islands

Phu Quoc cable car Resized The district of Phu Quoc consists of 28 islands. The main island called Phu Quoc with Duong Dong as its main town. Here, you can find resorts, hotels, restaurants, bars, and markets.

One of the most lovable things about Phu Quoc is that it has smaller uninhabited islands. The islands are perfect for day trips, especially if you want to explore the beauty of nature. Some islands are reachable by ferry boats and cable cars.

The biggest island after Phu Quoc is Hon Thom which is connected by a cable car. The oversea cable car travels 8 kilometres between the islands in just 8.5 seconds approximately. Currently, some parts of the island are under construction and would be transformed into a marine park. Here, you can find activities such as yacht tour, snorkelling, and diving.

Another island to visit in Phu Quoc is the Hon Xuong. It is a remote uninhabited island which can be reached by boat. Some tourists would like to go on a day trip around the island, enjoying its mesmerizing white sand coast and turquoise water.

The main island Phu Quoc itself has around 20 popular beaches that offer beautiful views on the horizon. One of its beaches, Rach Vem Beach, is known for its vast population of red starfish that can be found sunbathing around the white sand. If you are in doubt of looking which beach has the best view, you can always opt for a local tour package and pick your destination.

2. The Weather is Great in All Seasons

Phu Quoc weather Resized Southeast Asia has been known for its warm weather. With the sun blazing for almost around the year, a visit to Phu Quoc would surely give you a glowing tanned skin. In the summer, the highest temperature would reach up to 29°C.

A colder and drier season happens between November and March, with an average temperature of 27° C. Needless to say, the island is the perfect getaway during winter and cold season especially for those who come from the northern sphere.

3. Phu Quoc Hotels Range from the Cheapest to the Most Luxurious Ones

Phu Quoc hotels range Resized Phu Quoc has ranges of hotels for every budget. For example, 3-star Phu Quoc hotel like La Mer Resort and Kim Hoa Resort can be booked for less than S$70. While more luxurious Phu Quoc hotels like Saigon Phu Quoc Resort would cost around S$100 per night.

One of the best hotels in Phu Quoc is the La Veranda Resort, which is a chain hotel from MGallery by Sofitel. The 5-star hotel lies on a private beach and has a direct view of the sea. The hotel hosts three luxurious restaurants with international cuisine offered. Even if you don’t feel like exploring the island, La Veranda Resort has all the luxurious facilities for you to enjoy such as a pampering spa and refreshing swimming pool.

4. The Marine Life is Stunning

Marine life Resized With an almost untouched marine life, the underwater around Phu Quoc offers an amazing view. You can go snorkelling, diving, or sea-walking to experience it. Some species that you can find under Phu Quoc Sea are lionfish, green turtle, dugong, and horned starfish. Imagine the crystal blue water being in contrast with the colourful coral reefs and fishes.

Most of the beaches around Phu Quoc islands offer an extended seawater adventure for S$350. In the right season, you can also rent a boat and see pods of dolphins leaping out of the water, creating a scenic beauty over the sea.

5. It’s Easy to Get There

Phu Quoc Airport Resized With its own international airport, Phu Quoc is easily accessible by plane. If you are coming from the centre of Vietnam, you can find ferry boats to go across the sea to the island. In addition, the roads in Phu Quoc are already well-paved, so it’s comfortable to explore with motorbike or car.

How to Get to Phu Quoc?

Phu Quoc Airport Aircraft Resized In 2012, Phu Quoc opened its international airport. It is located approximately 9 kilometres outside of Duong Dong, the main city of Phu Quoc. Since then, tourism in Phu Quoc has been developing, especially after opening its direct routes from big cities like London, Bangkok, and Kuala Lumpur.

Furthermore, the airport also hosts domestic routes from Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hanoi, and Can Tho. To get around, you can use the airport shuttle, which is provided by Jetstar. If you want it to be more convenient, pick a hotel around the airport which has a free shuttle for the guests. Some of the best hotels near the Phu Quoc International Airport are JW Marriott Emerald Bay Resort & Spa, Mercury Resort & Villa, and Ren Resort.

Crossing from Mainland Vietnam

Crossing from mainland Vietnam Resized There are two ports which serve boat trip from Rach Gia and Ha Tien. Travellers can opt for the Superdong, a fast ferry that will get you to Phu Quoc in no time. The average ticket price costs around S$12 for one trip.

Another transport option is the Phu Quoc Express, which is more modern and comfortable. The boat has an upper deck for a higher price. A ticket to Phu Quoc from Ha Tien or Rach Gia can be bought online for around S$15. Both Superdong and Phu Quoc Express depart every hour from 8 AM to 1 PM.

However, the departure can be delayed, especially if the weather is rough. It usually happens during the rainy season, in which taking a plane would be more reasonable and hassle-free.

Phu Quoc Visa

Vietnam visa Resized One of the conveniences of visiting Phu Quoc is that the whole country of Vietnam is open for travellers from 24 countries without a visa for a certain period of time. You can check whether your country is on the list. Besides Phu Quoc, you may want to plan to visit other cities like Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Ha Long Bay, which are all major tourist destinations in Vietnam.

Getting Around in Phu Quoc

Getting around in Phu Quoc Resized Even though a vast network of roads in Phu Quoc is already well-built, there are still dirt roads to avoid especially in the rainy season. If you happen to hold an international driver’s license, it is best to rent a bike or car so that you can explore the island easier. Most 3 to 5-star hotels would provide you with such rental options.

The Phu Quoc Island has many places to explore, from the white sandy beach to the untouched beauty of the traditional villages. By using a rented motorbike, you can use online maps and take your time to travel around the island. Meanwhile, taxis can be found anywhere near public places, such as hotels, resorts, market, terminals, and the airport. Still, you need to be attentive as some taxi drivers manipulate their meters so the price would be higher.

Opt for a Tour Package

Tour package Resized Want a hassle-free trip? Contact local tour operators to arrange the trip for you. The operators have wide choices of tours with different kind of activities such as beach walking, city tour, national park trekking, night fishing, sea-walking, diving, or island-hopping.

Most of the tour operators are located in Duong Dong as it is the biggest city in Phu Quoc. The cost for a day trip may be around S$13 – S$70 depending on the operators and destinations. If you want the trip to be more exclusive, you may pick the private tours at a higher price.

With the rapid development of Phu Quoc, now is the best time to visit the island – before it gets too crowded with tourists. So, are you ready to put Phu Quoc on your list? Book your trip now by booking a flight ticket and Phu Quoc hotels of your choice.

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